Hip Replacement Surgery: How To Recover Fast?

Hip Replacement Surgery: How To Recover Fast?

You've had a successful hip replacement surgery. That's one stage. Next comes the recovery stage that requires just as much care. Follow these tips.

Usually, if you’ve gotten the treatment done by the best hip replacement surgeon in VIP road Kolkata, or any other qualified professional, the recovery period is a smooth sail.

Sure, there would be minor problems and challenges. You just had a big surgery done on you after all. Getting back to your regular lifestyle is going to take some time.

Although it varies between individuals, aside from the surgical wounds and soft tissues, you can expect a proper recovery in 6 weeks… unless, of course, you don’t take proactive measures in the healing process.

Here are three tips you should follow for a successful and fast recovery after hip replacement:

1. Follow surgeon's advice religiously

There's no better person to give you recovery advice than your surgeon herself/himself. They understand your present situation much closely. So, they would give you much-personalized tips on how to recover properly after hip replacement.

Listen to them very carefully. Ask them questions when you're confused. Talk to them and be clear about how your recovery path will pan out.

Whatever your surgeon advises, follow that religiously.

2. Get (progressively) active

In most cases, patients are able to walk after the surgery within the same or next day.

So, as soon as you’re ready, start walking.

Getting physically active is a key part of the recovery process. You need to get the blood flow going. Also, working out makes you healthier and feel good.

Now, don’t hit the treadmill right in the first week and walk 10 miles. Starting slowly and then add more minutes, meters and miles whenever you’re comfortable.

Understand your body and its threshold level and then get physically active accordingly.

The key is to keep your body moving without causing it pain.

(Your surgeon or medical care team will likely provide you with the exercise routine. If not, ask them from the front!)

3. Watch your steps

Meaning, out of such surgeries, you've got to be more careful than before. Basic tasks like climbing the stairs and laying down on bed would become slightly challenging.

So, don’t be scared, but be cautious. You want to keep your body as safe and comfortable as possible.

Don’t hesitate or be embarrassed in asking for help. Have your family members by your side all the time to help you.

These three tips will ensure a successful and quick recovery post hip replacement surgery.

If you do encounter any complication in the process, visit a good orthopedic surgeon in Bangur and seek professional help.