Wrist Pain Treatment in NYC

Wrist Pain Treatment in NYC

Wrist pain only sounds minor until you have to live with it. Your wrist is both compact and complicated.

Wrist Injuries

Pain that comes on suddenly can be the result of injury. These injuries are typically the result of sudden impacts or the stress of repetitive motion. They include:

Wrist tendon injury. An injury to the strong bands of tissue that attach your bones to your muscles, such as wrist tendonitis, is painful. Tendonitis in your wrist is a common injury that usually occurs at the places your tendons cross. Any hand movement causes pain and inflammation. Wrist tendonitis treatment can range from rest to surgery, depending on the severity of your condition.

Hand injuries. Hand injuries, such as a hand tendon injury, may be mistaken for a wrist injury because the discomfort radiates so strongly to your hand. Your NYC pain specialist may use x-rays, an MRI or an ultrasound scan to decide on the most effective hand injury treatment, which then relieves your wrist pain.

Golf wrist injury. This injury is the result of stress, overuse and repetitive motion typical of golfers and factory workers. Golf wrist injury treatment usually involves physical therapy and minor but beneficial lifestyle adjustments.

Scaphoid sprain. Your scaphoid is one of the eight tiny bones that comprise your wrist. You feel this injury at the base of your thumb. A scaphoid sprain involves the ligament that connects to the scaphoid. But sprains and fractures have similar symptoms. If you believe you’ve sprained your wrist, there’s a possibility you may have broken a bone. The best pain doctor in Manhattan ensures that you receive a proper diagnosis so that you get the appropriate wrist injury treatment to relieve the pain and heal the sprain.

Boxing wrist injury. Boxers most often get this type of injury from throwing a punch improperly. But you can get it from any kind of jarring impact. Fortunately, the trained wrist injury doctors at physical therapy and pain center New York treat boxing injuries very effectively.

Carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by typing on your electronic devices. When you overuse your wrists, the ligament thickens, applying pressure directly to the involved nerves. The symptoms for carpal tunnel syndrome include:




Tingling In Your Fingertips

Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome has come a long way over the years and ranges from rest to surgical options. Your top-rated pain management doctor in New York helps you decide on the treatment that’s best for your condition and lifestyle.

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