What does having sex after 50 feels like

What does having sex after 50 feels like

It’s a mystery many women get entangled with, particularly when they reach menopause.

This “evolution of life” is directed by drops in the estrogen levels. The ovaries quit producing eggs and menstruation discontinues.

51 is considered the average age for menopause. But that's simply an average. Some women could reach menopause later. Others encounter it in their 30s or 40s. And some could possibly undergo surgical menopause in case they have had removed their ovaries.

Generally addressing, it is considered for a woman to be done with menopause the time she has not received a menstrual period for the whole year. Prior to that, she is referred to be her perimenopause, meanwhile, estrogen levels continue to fluctuate. Her menstruation may become irregular. They could become heavy one time and lighter the next. She might seem exhausted, get migraines, encounter hot flashes, and become low-spirited. And through this period, she can yet conceive a pregnancy. Her sexual life can diminish, too. Estrogen is essential for women's sexual health. It sustains vaginal tissues' health and offers a part in the sex drive. But reductions in estrogen levels never indicate the demise of a woman’s sexuality. In reality, few women declare sex is more enjoyable after menopause, particularly when fertilization is no longer a matter. Let’s steal a quick glance at common sexual issues frequently encountered by women after 50:

Unpleasant intercourse.

While you were more youthful, you rarely faced a few difficulties with vaginal lubrication during your sexual excitement. Sadly, this problem worsens for countless women because of getting older. Drops in estrogen indicate the vagina becomes less moist. It also becomes less elastic. As a consequence, sex can become troubled and result in different sexual issues. Resistance from penetration during sex can aggravate the dry vaginal tissue.

Several women ascertain that a particular lubricant is accommodating. Lubricants can easily be acquired over-the-counter at a pharmacy or a drugstore, also they come in numerous classes. Make sure to pick a water-based lubricant in case you are utilizing condoms, to avoid weakening or even rupturing the latex. Moisturizers can also be obtained. You may also try out hormone replacement therapy if your physician believes it is secure for you.

Low sex drive.

When estrogen declines, so does a woman’s sex drive. Although, menopause is not the sole accused. Numerous women after 50 own much on their plates. They could be doing a full-time job, parenting children, serving adolescents in adulthood, and attending the aging parents. Sometimes, the pressure and stress of everyday life create so much exhaustion in a woman that she’s no longer remains enthusiastic about sex.

If you think it's a matter of losing women's sexual health, speak to your physician. He or she would assist you in pinpointing the cause. Hormone replacement therapy may be a suitable fit.

If you’re undergoing stress, understand what you can proceed with to relax. Communicate with a friend, demand help from relatives, or chat with a counselor. Go on a night out alongside your girls or take a unique exercise session at the gym.

Be certain to have your companion in the circle, too. Possibilities are, that your partner has seen the transformations in your relationship. Chat over your challenges and seek to take out time for only the two of you. Maintaining open communication may give you strength as a couple. An adviser or sex therapist could help, too.

Requiring more time.

You might observe that it takes you more time to become completely aroused or to approach orgasm. This is pretty common. Try not to bother it too much. If you want more foreplay, demonstrate it to your spouse. Then relax and savor the encounter.

Sometimes, altering the method is all that’s required. You might think of other positions of sex, have intercourse in different locations, share visions, or work it out with some sex toys.

It’s essential to perceive that menopause is usually a huge contributing factor in reducing a woman’s sexuality at this age, but it's not the exclusive factor. Health conditions such as diabetes, CVS disease, and depression can further produce sexual difficulties. If you are encountering a sexual problem, make sure to address it beside your gynecologist. The answer to your problem may be something ordinary, like lube or testing a new sexual position. Or, it can be far more complex and need medicine or lifestyle modifications.

How can Harbor Compounding Pharmacy help you with vaginal atrophy?

Luckily, there is a complete multitude of systemic and localized medication choices available at Harbor Compounding Pharmacy California that differ from estrogenic hormones to also some hormones that are non-estrogenic which all have been investigated to strengthen the vaginal lining and supplying vaginal lubrication.

● Hormone Replacement Therapy

● Topical Estrogenic Therapies

● Estradiol Vaginal Cream

● Estriol Cream

● Non-Estrogenic Solutions

● DHEA Cream

● Oxytocin Vaginal Cream

If you’re excited about trying any of the mentioned treatment options, contact one of the hormone specialists at Harbor Compounding Pharmacy California for further information, or if you would like for them to request a prescription for any of these medicines from your doctor, you can submit the form on their website.