5 Tips For Branding Your Blog Internationally

5 Tips For Branding Your Blog Internationally

If you are a blogger, then you have probably thought of going global with your site. There is a lot of potential in reaching out to foreign audiences and gaining their attention and respect. And even if you haven't thought of branding your blog internationally, then this is the right time to do so.

There are numerous advantages to becoming a success in several countries. Not only does it increase your fan and follower count but it also makes you an authority in your niche. Here are five tips to help you brand your blog internationally.

1. Localize Your Blog

The most important step on the path to appealing to foreign audiences is localization. You should understand that every other country will have people concerned about certain issues and having different problems from each other. Which is why it is crucial to keep in mind all these differences and at the same time find similarities to base your content on.

Another matter is the language that you write in. If your blog is in English, there are more chances that foreign audiences will understand most of the things you are talking about. However, you must remember that if you really want to find new readers, you should create the best conditions for them, and not necessarily for yourself.

Think of the countries you would like to target. Make a list of those that you absolutely want to have followers in and then check the languages people use there. Some countries might have the same languages, so your list might shorten substantially. Alternatively, you can translate your blog to the languages that are most widely spoken, such as Chinese and Spanish.

The languages you choose to translate your blog to depend on what goals you are pursuing and what plans you have made for your site. There are services like Pick Writers where you can get high-quality translation services with regards to all these pitfalls.

5 Tips For Branding Your Blog Internationally


2. Run Your Social Media Accounts

Now that you've localized your blog, you should also note that it is not the only way you communicate with your fans and followers. Social media plays a huge role in marketing and promoting your blog, so communication via this channel is also very important.

If you run your own media accounts, you will probably have to constantly translate your content at least into one more language than English. This will increase the chances of finding foreign readers through social media.

If you have someone else running your social media accounts, it might be a good idea to hire several professionals who will be responsible for the content in their own language respectively. This may be a little more expensive, but you will see that this way, your content is the best quality it could be.

Another point to keep in mind is that depending on the social media platform, your approach to localizing your content will be different. If it is Instagram, you can simply translate the caption into one more language, but if it is YouTube, you can provide an option to turn on the subtitles in several other languages. This way, you will be using the platforms to their fullest.

5 Tips For Branding Your Blog Internationally


3. Create Relevant Content

Relevant content is the key to success for any blogger. If your content does not correspond to its title or focuses on an old topic or has outdated information, then it probably won't be noticed whatsoever. In order to make your content the best it can be, keep in mind these points:

Relevancy: Choose a topic that is currently discussed. Don't write on old issues unless there is new relevant information about them. Try to choose topics that can create evergreen content to serve your needs longer.

Quality: The quality of your content absolutely must be the best. In order to show that you are an expert in your niche, you must be confident in your words and only talk about what is actually true and reflects reality. Don't try to make your articles diluted because this can lead to a loss of interest from your audience.

Originality: In order for your content to succeed, it must be original. You shouldn't plagiarize other content. Try to come up with new, innovative ideas that can shock your readers. Grab their attention and don't let them go until they read till the end, and once they do, make them want to come back for more.

4. Be Creative & Original

As noted in the previous point, originality is the most important aspect when it comes to content. However, this is also true for other features of your blog.

Since you are creating a brand, you must have an original voice, a style that you use that makes you stand out of the crowd and not like anyone else. You should cleverly design your blog in a way that will appeal to your readers.

Think of your blog's name. Maybe it's time for rebranding. You should have a distinct logo that will reflect the message that your blog conveys and the idea behind it. Show your potential audience what they can expect before they even start reading.

When choosing the colors and design of your site, keep in mind that some things work better for certain blogs, while others don't. Make some research and go in-depth with the psychology behind colors and what each of them stands for. Then, decide what you want to be known for and use those colors in your blog.

5. Reach Out To Your Audience

Last but not least, you must always listen to your audience. Whether you prefer to communicate with them through social media or in the comment section under your videos on YouTube, it is important to listen to them and understand what your followers want.

There are different ways that you can reach out to your audience. For instance, you can provide them with as much as your email and answer their messages that way, or you can encourage them to comment under your posts (which will also improve the activity and engagement factors) and answer there.

Whichever means of communication you choose, you should keep in mind that the more you listen to what your readers want, the better content you can produce, and the more they will like you and what to follow you.

On the other hand, it is also crucial to understand that not everyone will want to see you succeed and not everyone will agree with your views and opinions. There will always be haters, and you should take their words with a grain of salt. Don't fall into their trap.


To sum up, every entrepreneur - and bloggers are entrepreneurs of a kind - should strive for more. There is no peak that you can achieve and have nowhere to aim higher. Branding your blog internationally can be your next milestone to surpass, which will ultimately bring you amazing improvements in your business in all senses.