My first article was about chronic pain so it makes sense that this one should be about inflammation because chronic inflammation will lead to chronic pain.

A slap on the wrist and your skin turns red. That's inflammation!  But it should go away quickly. If your eyes itch or your nose runs, that's also inflammation. Will it also go away quickly or do you have a viral infection or an allergy? Tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, and any word with an "itis" at the end also means inflammation. What if those conditions last a lot longer than you can tolerate? Keep in mind that's only a description of the condition. Ultimately, the real question is why did it happen?  Did a small or large trauma make you symptomatic? Will this progress from acute to chronic (short term to long term)? Temporary inflammation will subside but chronic inflammation can cause permanent damage to the body and that's where the problem is.

So what exactly happens?  Swelling of the tissues and calcium infiltration causes pain and stiffness in the area. Poisonous chemicals are released that can erode tissues. Permanent damage to nerves, tendons, muscles and joints can happen.  That's why anti-inflammatory drugs are so popular, especially for arthritis. Powerful steroids and narcotics are used to ease the patient's pain and suffering. Often surgery has to be performed in areas of chronic inflammation where joints have been destroyed.

But why does this happen? Has the body run amok? No, this is just the body's natural response to an ongoing situation. The problem comes in when we try to treat it with ineffective methods that lead to an even worse situation with side effects, drug addiction, disease, and more dysfunction. This is well known to be a big problem in our country. It's costing billions of dollars and the government and medical profession are really struggling with it.

Is there a better solution? Yes. Chiropractic of course! Don't just treat the PAIN or treat the INFLAMMATION, treat the cause! Notice the medical terms used above only describe where the inflammation is and not why it is. Why do you have tendonitis or arthritis in that particular location? Sometimes it's a rotator cuff tear, or even some ligament or cartilage damage somewhere in the body. Inflammation can develop fast or slow from mechanical disturbances we call subluxations. If you're lucky they will self correct but sometimes we need a good chiropractor to correct them for us. Sometimes a person will get so far out of alignment they can't even stand up straight. I see this all the time with my new patients. Why can't they just straighten up? Because it hurts too much!

Don't just accept the diagnosis of arthritis, scoliosis, sciatica, or "old age", some people think they're old at 30. Don't drug it or cut it or shock it or exercise it. Fix it first with a beautiful chiropractic adjustment. Skeletal biomechanics are much more complicated than that, but you get the idea. Chiropractic physicians are the mechanical experts. First, get rid of acute pain and acute inflammation before it becomes chronic. See an experienced chiropractor as a first resort, not a last resort. Many patient's come to me as a last resort after they have had joint replacement surgery. Guess what? It's not too late because the new joint just puts more strain on all the other joints! So more surgeries in the future? I hope not.

At the end of my Chronic Pain article I said I would talk more about gravity this time but I thought I needed to mention inflammation first. I promise to discuss gravity next time and explain how it's absolutely vital to your health. All my patient assessments and treatments are based on how your neurology is coping in our gravitational field.  Dr. Albert Einstein explained how gravity actually controls the passage of time (it's not a constant) and how it controls the very shape of the space you sit in. These are very hard concepts to grasp so I would like to flesh them out next time. If your neural net (brain, central, and peripheral nervous system) is at odds with the force of gravity (the FOG) then you will quickly develop pain and inflammation. A sudden knock, big or small can make some people feel so bad that they reach for symptomatic relief immediately. That's a dangerous pattern so let's go beyond that to real fundamental correction.

When you realize that gravity controls the sun, the moon, and the stars in the sky then it is probably important to understand how it affects complex grains of sand like us.