Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be from many diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc. This discussion is about musculoskeletal pain.

It may have started as a small annoying pain that you were sure would go away.  It gets a little better and then it comes back. Sometimes you can identify an initiating event  or trauma but in many cases the cause is unknown. The initial event could have been small and long forgotten. Now this has been going on for months or even years.  People even chalk it up to old age and you're supposed to expect more pain and take more drugs as you age. Really? Added stress in your life makes it worse. It's easy to blame the job, the boss, traffic, the spouse, whatever, because you're hurting and anything that doesn't go right in your life seems to make it hurt more! A beer or a glass of wine seems to help. Over the counter medicine like Advil also helps. What is going on?

This pain could be in your neck that gets worse when you're physically or emotionally stressed. In women it will cause a headache and in men it usually causes shoulder pain. It can cause pain or numbness in the arm and hand. Pressure around the head and jaw is common. Low back pain, hip, leg and foot pain are very common but should not be ignored. Chronic pain is very tiring and can interfere with your ability to work, play and be happy. It's pretty hard to exercise and stay fit when you're hurting. Exercise can even make it worse, that's why  gyms make most of their money from people that don't even go! Everyone signs up with good intentions but soon give up because it just hurts too much.

If this goes on much longer real damage can result to joints, muscles, connective tissue and nerves. Medical tests, such as x-rays, CT, MRI, can lead to a diagnosis of arthritis, bursitis tendonitis, degenerative joint or disc disease but the real question is, what's causing it and how do you fix it? More drugs? Surgery?  Physio? Massage? How well do these treatments really work? Is there a better solution?

CHIROPRACTIC of course! This discipline is the science, art, and philosophy of biomechanical analysis of the human (and animal) nerve, and musculoskeletal systems. The brain and nervous system is the master controlling system of the body. To put it simply, chiropractors look for pinched nerves! Joints and bones can get out of alignment, interfere with nerve function, and cause all kinds of problems. Inflammation will cause a list of painful problems that is too long to mention here. If you have an electrical appliance at home that isn't working properly, what's the first thing you check? Is it plugged in?! Is the power on? That's what chiropractors do. I've been doing it for 37 years and it works. Millions of people around the world know that it works.

The neural net that controls your body must be functioning properly or you will have pain and dysfunction. Our complex nervous system must be allowed to function properly without interference. Chiropractors remove this interference by making sure the skeleton is balanced under the force of gravity. Gravity is the  key!  I have come to understand over the years that my treatment improves the patient's ability to cope with the force of gravity.

More to come on my next installment about you and your struggle with gravity on planet earth!