Gravity Health

Gravity Health

The force of gravity has a major affect on your body and it causes symptoms that can be misunderstood and mistreated.

If you dropped a large boulder on your foot, the pain and injury would be so severe that you might never fully recover. That's gravity in action! If you walked off the top of a ten story building you'd be dead in less than 3 seconds. I know that's obvious and I apologize for these graphic examples, but we need to stop taking gravity for granted. It's actually the slow, insidious effects of gravity over time that takes a toll on our health.  My job is to assess and improve your alignment with gravity to improve your health. Every time I check a patient  I see how well their nervous system, skeleton, organ and musculoskeletal system is holding up against gravity. Does your doctor do that? Your physiotherapist? Your massage therapist? As a chiropractor I check every time and I perform adjustments to better align your body. That's all I do  and it works. The pain goes away, health improves and people feel better. I've seen people get so energized they exercise more (because it hurts less to do so), lose weight, and get excited about life again. The big idea is to relieve pinched or irritated nerves so the whole body will work better under the force of gravity.

Did you know the sun emits so much energy that it should blow itself apart but it doesn't because it's held together by gravity?. That's right, gravity overcomes all that explosive force. The sun would not exist without gravity, neither would the earth, or the entire universe for that matter. Don't you want to be on the right side of gravity? If you try and fight it with drugs to kill the pain you are going to lose. If you just treat the symptoms like many therapies do, the damage to your body will only get worse and you'll start complaining about more symptoms. You might get diagnosed with arthritis, fibromyalgia or some type of "itis".  Please read my articles on inflammation and chronic pain on this website. Many symptoms around the head and neck are  because the head is out of alignment with the atlas/axis vertebrae. This can cause pressure on the brain stem, spinal cord, nerves and muscles and cause headaches and many other symptoms in the upper body. It's all about gravity and it works. Adjustments are quick, effective and inexpensive. Studies have shown Chiropractic to be the most cost effective treatment for many health problems. Many governments, insurance companies and compensation boards around the world support and pay for chiropractic care.

More amazing facts about gravity. Einstein showed us that gravity controls space and time. It literally shapes the fabric of space and that includes the space your body occupies. Think of it! If you are out of sync with gravity, you are in a world of hurt. Gravity never stops unless you're an astronaut.   I know this is hard to understand but gravity even affects the passage of time! If gravity can do all that, don't you think it can affect your health too?  At least get checked, prevention is the key. Many people wait until too much damage has been done. Chiropractic care is the first resort, drugs and surgery are the last resort. Periodic checks is a very healthy thing to do.