Women's underwear - it's a huge scope for experimentation. Designers create sеху outfits not only from fine lace or silk, but also from leather. If you want to surprise your lover and arouse passion in him, buy a spectacular set of leather underwear.

Advantages and disadvantages

Such lingerie made of leather makes you feel more confident. Revealed outfits are always noticeably liberating, and even more so if they are made of such an unusual material. Many girls believe that this is because such appearance awakens animal instincts better than lace or silk. Many men associate a woman in leather underwear with a warrior, who can easily conquer anyone. A woman's body wrapped in such a spectacular and elastic material makes men hold their breath.

Such lingerie is suitable only for bold and uninhibited girls. Modest and unsure of your body beauties will feel insecure in such an image. Such candid outfits emphasize every curve, so if you are not sure that your chosen set will sit well on you, then think well about buying this type of underwear.


Leather lingerie is represented by different models. The most popular among girls are open sets and outfits, complemented by corsets.

Open underwear

If you want to surprise your man, feel free to buy the most open underwear. Leather thongs and open bra will make your image very spectacular. In addition, there are spectacular panties with slits in the private parts, which are sure to configure your lover in the right way.

With corset

Outfits with a corset choose as girls with magnificent forms, and those who have nothing to hide. Leather corset can be supplemented with lace inserts, lacing or other decorative elements.

Lace up corset

Leather lingerie is often complemented by lacing. This decorative element can decorate not only the corset, but also the front of panties. Lacing is most often located in the front of the corset or panties. But there are also models with asymmetrical lacing or, for example, located on the sides of the product.

With a zipper

A zipper can also be used as a decoration of lingerie. Designers have zippers in the most unexpected places. Often they perform only a decorative function.

How to choose

This kind of underwear fits your body like a second skin, so it must fit you perfectly. Choose panties and bras so that they do not squeeze the body, creating unsightly creases, but also do not slip at the wrong moment. Underwear should emphasize the beauty of your figure, and not expose its flaws. You can buy a bra and panties as a set or separately. The main thing is that things fit together and decorate your body. In addition to a set of lingerie you can pick up a belt with stockings to complete the image of a seductress.

How to take care

To ensure that your underwear served you for a long time and remained high quality and spectacular, you need to properly care for it. Washing such lingerie is undesirable, especially in a washing machine. Leather bra and panties are best cleaned with a special soft cloth soaked in detergent. If you decide to wash your underwear, you should do it by hand. Leather items should be dried at room temperature, evenly hung or spread on a dry towel.

Leather underwear - this is certainly not a set for everyday wear. But if you are looking for something to surprise your lover and how to emphasize your beauty- this is exactly the right thing.

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