How to buy & import products from 1688?

How to buy & import products from 1688?

Find here the most detailed sourcing secret in the internet and a full guide for you to explore !

With the trend of e-commerce, Alibaba Group is kicking its business into high gear., which belongs to Alibaba Group is a Chinese local B2B platform like the Holy Grail for outsourced manufacturing nowadays. Then how do you get the most of and bring in enough bang for the buck for your own business? Here check our article and read it thoroughly, we can guarantee that this is the most detailed sourcing secret in the internet and a full guide for you to explore Follow us to figure out how to tap into it.

Summary :

  • What is
  • Instructions for using 1688
  • Grasp information from a Chinese Company Name
  • Is better than
  • How to contact with the suppliers?
  • How to buy from 1688?
  • Docshipper suggests 5 Facts you should know about 1688
  • FAQ
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What is is a famous brand of B2B e-commerce belongs to Alibaba Group. It's just like, you can find products, suppliers, factories on the platform. However, the website of 1688 is all in Chinese, which means that this platform is for China's domestic markets.

How to buy & import products from 1688? How to buy & import products from 1688?
  • Challenges when using 1688

As we have suggested that, is for domestic markets in China, so the most challenging part you may find should be “THE WHOLE WEBSITE IS IN CHINESE”. You can choose to start learning Chinese as one not very quick solution as well. Here are 2 quick and useful suggestions for you. You can just easily click the right button then “translate to English” or you can add a google chrome extension, just type “Google translate extension” then you can add it to make your visiting the website much easier.

  • How to find a product On

There are thousands of products and suppliers in Now after we solved the first challenge, we are moving to the next step - Find the product, if you want to find suppliers directly, you can check the next section of the article absolutely. However, be patient, after all, you should find out as more information as possible about this platform for creating more profits for your own, right?

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How to find the most suitable suppliers in

Besides finding a product, you can get suppliers like in as well. How to find the most suitable ones? There are 3 aspects you need to take care of, since if you take care of these points, the possibility of you to get scammed is really small. At the beginning, we just search for the suppliers without the 3 points.

At the beginning, we just search 电动滑板车 in the search bar of suppliers, and here we have 2643 company information.

  • Number of the employees
  • Powerful business
  • Symbol knowledge

Grasp information from a Chinese Company Name

  • Tip 1: Industrial clusters

In China, there is a typical industrial phenomenon. The factories or some trading companies usually gather in the same province or cities, when there are enough companies in one certain area, this area will be the Industrial Clusters. Companies or Factories in the Clusters are more professional and they will be able to offer you the price of a competitive edge.

  • Tip 2: Four Elements of suppliers

Generally, the Chinese company's names include 4 elements: Registration Location + Company Name + Main Product + Partnership; where you can be able to notice lots of information. No matter when you find suppliers in Amazon or, for example, you should choose suppliers locates in a coastal area since you can pay less shipping. In addition, you should most probably find a company that has a main product, which means they have the capabilities and strength in this one particular product.

Is better than and are 2 giants B2B platforms, owned by the Alibaba group, founded by Jack Ma.

From our experience in Sourcing for these years, if you are a newbie in this industry, definitely you should buy from Alibaba because it can prevent you from being scammed with the Trade Assurance. However, if you have a trustworthy Sourcing Agent like Docshipper, you can use 1688 preferably since you can enjoy the cheaper price and we guarantee you we will find you the most trustworthy suppliers who have worked a long time with us. Noted that products in Alibaba are sometimes bought from

How to contact with the suppliers?

Now, since we already have few names on our lists, how do we contact them? Note that when you find one supplier you think there might be a chance to work with, write down or make screenshots about the Company Name and Link in case you can’t find it and misses the most suitable supplier.

  • Use AliWangWang
  • Use WeChat through mobile number
  • Open company’s website
  • Find a sourcing Agent

How to buy from 1688?

Here comes our last step, once you accept the quotation of your suppliers, you can pay them. There are 3 ways to pay for your business.

  • Online purchase. You can go with Alipay, register, then pay your suppliers.
  • Direct wire transfer. This kind of situation only suits when you have already dealt with this same supplier for several times and that he is SUPER trustable, or you might be cheated.
  • Sourcing agent. Get your sourcing agent like Docshipper, and we can secure your payment will go to the right one's pocket.

Docshipper suggests 5 Facts you should know about 1688

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How can Docshipper help you?

When it comes to choosing a supplier, there are plenty of rules to follow. Most of the growing companies focus on one perspective of their suppliers, which is the price. However, just remember one point: suppliers need to make profits as well. So save the margin for both sides.

Another one should be reliability, good suppliers support you with the best quality and the on-time delivery. How are you going to make sure about that when you don't even speak the same language? This is what Docshipper can support you. We have factory and warehouse in Hong Kong and Europe. Our staff are professional in Chinese/French/English, so we can help you to get the most reliable suppliers and trust us, that's what we are good at for the past few years.

Once you've found your positioned suppliers, there still will be a lot of things to manage if you want to import them from overseas markets. We've built our business model to assist our clients in the whole product cycle and our goal is : “Focus on your marketing/sales, let us handle the rest!”

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