Professional Gynecological Services

Professional Gynecological Services


What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy treatment performed by a device called “ulthera”, used to tighten sagging and loose skin of your body. It’s a non-surgical procedure based on ultrasound waves penetrating your skin and repairing its laxity. It is often used in gynecology to tighten loose belly skin after having a baby.

How does it work?

Ultrasound waves of a particular frequency, 4-10 MHz, are focused on the different points of skin. These focus points are chosen by your doctor depending upon the laxity of skin. After clearing the skin, these are exposed to ultrasound waves. They penetrate and go deep to structural layers of your skin and renovate them. Pregnancy stretches your skin beyond repair and it never gets its tightness back. A lack of collagen also contributes to laxity of skin.

However, Ultherapy comes to rescue you! Collagen is a protein present in the skin which keeps it elastic. With age, its synthesis reduces and skin loses its elasticity. Ultherapy works by renovating collagen. It generates a self-healing process by your body.

Ultrasound waves go deeper into the skin, in dermal and subdermal areas, and generate a vibrating effect. This intense vibration at cellular levels generates heat. The temperature reaches up to 60 degrees. The heat breaks the bonds that hold the collagen chain together.

It also coagulates protein at different points in collagen chain and shortens it. This destruction triggers an inflammatory reaction in your body. The inflammatory reaction starts regeneration process and tissue healing by your body. The collagen synthesis also gets a quick boost and laxity of skin reduces.

The tissue regeneration process also constitutes production of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are cells that help in healing damaged tissue and also make collage protein. This collagen protein tightens your skin naturally!

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