Making the most of harvest time

Making the most of harvest time

Why eating seasonally is good for you-- and your wallet

We are blessed in this area to have such an abundance of locally- produced food. Whether you find it at one of the farmer's markets, or at your grocery store, local seasonal food offers many advantages.

Here's why...

Low-carb comfort food

Apple Pie Dump Cake

It's easy, delicious and guilt-free, does it get any better than this?

Take advantage of the great prices on local fruit this fall and whip up this beauty for dessert or just a treat with your coffee.

Get the recipe here

or visit

Making the most of harvest time

Death by Dessert

Is sugar the new smoking?

In recent years, nutrition experts have warned us about the detrimental effect that sugar has on our health.

Bad news if you have a sweet tooth. As a result, many sugar-free recipe sites have sprung up all over the internet (see our suggestion above).

Even if you are not a dessert-lover, you may still be at risk.

The average Canadian consumes 26 teaspoons of sugar per day. An abundance of processed foods in our diet make hidden sugar the leading contributor to that hefty total.

But how do you spot it?

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