Juggling the Routine

Juggling the Routine

Even if you are not in school, or have children or grandchildren heading back to class, September brings a return to routine.

Schedules become more regimented in September and we focus on all the things we put on hold during the carefree days of summer.

So how do we simplify?

Bundling for simplicity and savings

Juggling the Routine

Thanks to the abundance of advertisements for phone and internet, or home and auto insurance, consumers have been well-educated on the benefits of "bundling".

We all know that by combining several of our services under one contract, we get a better rate.

Imagine if we could get a better rate and better service?

Did you know that you can do that with your investments?

The idea of having “all of your eggs in one basket” might be a deterrent for some, but in reality, you are still able to diversify your savings over many different fund companies and managers.

The difference being, by having one financial advisor, you could reduce your overall management fees.

Juggling the Routine

It also means that you get one statement and only need to meet with one advisor.

-- And who doesn’t need less complication in their life?

So let’s recap the benefits of consolidating:

• Potentially lower fees—which means your money grows faster

• Less paper— which means more clarity

• Less people to deal with—which means you have one trusted professional with your best interests at heart

• A better plan—your advisor can balance the risks and manage growth across all of your assets

• Less time—which means you can get on with the business of living your life

• More effective tax management on withdrawals

Talk to your advisor today about bundling all of your investments for a possible higher return.