How to Keep Your Life Together This Summer

How to Keep Your Life Together This Summer

Let's face it, Canadian summers are short. We're all guilty of putting our lives on hold for 8 weeks to enjoy the glorious, carefree days of July and August.

When September rolls around, we're plunged back into routine-- and to make matters worse-- we've got a ton of "catch-up" to do. Sure, you can stay "connected" to everything at work and home, but that sure puts a damper on the holidays. So how do you find that magical balance between checking your phone every five minutes-- and letting it all slide? Planning and prioritizing.

We spend countless hours plotting out the best beaches, how to get there and what to bring, but spend considerably less time on what needs to happen while we're gone. It's certainly less exciting, but think how much less stressed you will be in the fall?

How to Keep Your Life Together This Summer

Whether you use complicated software, flowcharts or good old-fashioned calendars and lists, it's important to make note of all the tasks that need to happen while you are gone. Next, prioritize the most important items to the top of the list. Then decide which ones that you must absolutely do yourself and which can be delegated. We like this simple list on Bustle.

For each list, work out the timing and see if you can move any of the "must-do's" up or back. Can you fit everything into your shortened work weeks? If you have to do some work during your holidays, do you have the technology (and passwords) required to take it with you?

How to Keep Your Life Together This Summer

For the items to be delegated, does the person in charge have the tools and training required to do the job. If not, you may be inundated with phone calls or emails asking for clarification. A little bit of time spent preparing can save you hours later. Work out a buddy system with a co-worker to cover each other during vacation.

Once you escape, set aside 10-15 minutes per day to deal with priority items only. Flag or file items that can wait for your return.

How to Keep Your Life Together This Summer

If you are an early morning person, that's the perfect time to enjoy your coffee on the deck and catch up on emails before the troops are up. Night owls may prefer some quiet time after everyone has gone to bed. If you absolutely must stay connected to work, try to find a few minutes when family members are otherwise occupied, so you don't spoil the mood.

Take advantage of any mobile apps that can make work and household chores easier on the road. Banking on your phone can save time searching for a branch or ATM in remote areas. Investment and insurance apps like my Sun Life Mobile can help keep life on track. Make the most of your time with family and friends.

Enjoy the scenery and the sunshine. Only check your messages during designated times and don't feel the need to respond to everything. Put your "Out of Office"  message on and no one will expect to hear from you until you return. Now go-- have fun!