Cheers to Dad!

Cheers to Dad!

Ahhh June... sunshine, warm breezes and patios. Canadians eagerly await the days when we can BBQ and enjoy a cold beverage on the deck.

June also brings Father's Day and the age-old dilemma-- what to get dad?

Given the choice, most dads would prefer to spend the day indulging in their favourite pastime and celebrating with a BBQ dinner and some brews.

Cheers to Dad!

While the region boasts several fine steakhouses, dinner for the "fam" at a swanky resto is not in everyone's budget. Chances are, someone in the clan considers themselves a "grillmaster", so why not treat dad to the ultimate BBQ dinner at home? If you are not a whiz on the grill, let us walk you through the steps to char-broiled perfection:

1. Choose your meat

For larger families with different age ranges or varied tastes, a "mixed grill" might be the wisest choice. Visit some of the amazing butchers at the St. Jacobs Farmer's Market for expert advice. Another local gem with great deals is Roberts Boxed Meat. They can offer great tips on choosing- and cooking- your ultimate dad dinner.

Cheers to Dad!

2. Marinade or Rub?

Regardless of the cost or cut, allowing your meat to age with a marinade or rub can produce excellent results. There are plenty of supermarket options available. Stick to the tried-and-true or experiment with something new. For the DIY crowd, here is a selection of homemade treasures:

Dry Rub Recipes

Marinade Recipes

3. Choose sides

We're not suggesting a family rivalry-- more of a potluck with your clan specialties. Spread the work amongst the gang and let everyone showcase their culinary talents.

4. Pair your beverages to the occasion

Since this is all about dad, may we suggest some of the fine local craft beers?

We are blessed in KW with so many great micro-breweries. Here is a list of some: noteworthy brewmeisters.

5. The gift

Why is dad so hard to buy for? He probably doesn't need any more "stuff".

Sometimes, gifting an "experience" is a better option. Pool funds with your sibling for tickets to high-priced sporting events, accompany dad to a car or boat show or perhaps a brewery tour? As we mentioned before, there are many in the region. Explore on your own, or take one of the many options offered by Brew Donkey.

Cheers to Dad!

If you prefer to give something more concrete, why not assemble a gift basket of the entire Father's Day experience? Whip up some of the marinades and rubs (#2) and package into decorative bottles or jars. Pop them into a basket or tub along with some BBQ tools, locals brews (#4), snacks or even a gift certificate for the meat shop of your choice (#1).
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