5 Reasons to Stay in Canada This Summer

5 Reasons to Stay in Canada This Summer

The Victoria Day weekend has long been observed as the unofficial kick-off to Canada's travel season.

With the promise of better weather, we look to the summer months and start planning our getaways.

There are many reasons to explore Canada this year, but here's our top 5:

1. Celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday

In honour of the occasion, many regions have big celebrations planned. In fact, there are so many that we couldn't find a complete listing of them anywhere.

CBC has a compilation of 150 events for you to consider: 150 Ways to Celebrate Canada. The list spans a variety of events, from seminars and exhibits to concerts, festivals, sporting and community celebrations. There really is something for everyone.

As a result, Canada has been named Lonely Planet's #1 destination for 2017. The world will be coming to us-- so why not stay home and welcome them?

2. Learn More About Canadian Culture and History

Embrace your "Canuck-ness". With all this Canadiana readily available, take the opportunity to learn more about this great country. Let's be honest, how many of us paid attention in history class? The Battle of the Plains of Abraham is so much more relevant when you're actually standing in Battlefield Park.

3. Save Money

Another very good reason to stay home is the weak Canadian dollar. Considering the fact that we reached a 14 year low in recent weeks, and recovery appears to be a long slow process, travel outside of Canada will cost considerably more. In addition, there are great offers available like the free 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass. If you're travelling with the family or a group, that can result in significant savings-- and we're all for that!

4. Boost the Canadian Economy

Give our hospitality industry a shot in the arm by staying and eating in Canada. Sample local food, wine and spirits. Support our entertainment industry. Buy Canadian products to bolster Canuck manufacturers and keep our fellow countrymen employed. We all win when we support Canadian business.

5. Expand Your Vocabulary

You can start with the pretentious "sesquicentennial" and go from there. Every region has it's own distinct "vernacular". Whether you attempt to learn French or a First Nations language-- or just expand your command of the English language-- you'll also expand your horizons.