No benefits? No problem!

No benefits? No problem!

When you don't have health benefits through an employer, the cost of health care expenses can add up.

Personal Health Insurance is an affordable option for those without group benefits coverage.

Whether you own a business, have a family or are entering retirement, you want to feel confident about covering your health expenses. Your needs change throughout the different stages of your life.

Personal Health Insurance provides coverage for health-related expenses that are not covered through your provincial health plan. This includes your day-to-day expenses such as prescription drugs, visits to the chiropractor or physiotherapist and unexpected medical emergencies. It provides you with the best options for getting the health services you and your family need-- and deserve.

Health Coverage Choice is a good option for those who are about to leave or have recently left a group benefits plan. If you apply within 60 days of leaving your existing plan, no medical evidence is required and you can cover your family.

In both cases, there are different levels of coverage available. Any out-of-pocket expenses that are not covered, and the premiums that you pay for your coverage, are generally deductible on you income tax return. Check here for more details.