Getting to Know Deservia Realty & Financial

Getting to Know Deservia Realty & Financial

Deservia Realty & Financial is the only one of its kind in the world: an all women real estate and mortgage company.

Founded by Farhana Kabir in 2013 after a successful but unfulfilling career in a typical real estate environment, Deservia is dedicated to serving and empowering women all over the globe.

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A by women, for women company, Deservia believes in a holistic approach to buying and selling your home by addressing all of the components and considerations individuals have during these life changing decisions - all while donating a portion of each transaction to the DESERVIA Charity Fund which goes towards educating girls, financing women-led startups, mentoring female entrepreneurs, and Deservia Daycare.

“No one really talks about the ‘gut’ feeling about buying and selling a property. How many realtors say ‘trust your gut’? Deservia empowers you to be confident and fearless when embarking on the path to achieving your dreams through real estate. We allow you to trust your intuition and move with your energy, taking the paralyzing fear and negative emotions out of the equation of homeownership.” - Farhana Kabir

Agents at Deservia are constantly inspired by women, and are lucky enough to work with some incredible female social entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

When you’re ready to make your next real estate purchase, contact Deservia Realty & Financial for a HOME experience: Home Ownership, Mortgage, and Empowerment for all.

“For women by women - because we deserve it”

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