How Important is it to Have Plaque Removed From My Teeth?

How Important is it to Have Plaque Removed From My Teeth?

Ensuring that plaque is removed from your teeth regularly is essential to your oral health!

Do you ever get home from a long day, run your tongue over your teeth, and feel a soft (and usually stinky) film on your teeth? That lovely feeling is plaque - the result of the everyday chewing, drinking, and bacteria build up our teeth are put through.

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Before and After Having the Plaque Removed

The soft film is easily removed by regularly and consistently brushing and flossing - but the hard plaque, or Calculus, cannot be removed with typical cleaning.

When you visit your dentist, the hygienist will use a machine called the Cavitron, a high frequency device that breaks down this hard plaque. They will then use other manual tools to scrape the remainder away.

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The Cavitron!

This process is crucial to your oral and overall health - hard plaque can build up very quickly, and can cause gingivitis, gum disease, and other health issues.

Thankfully regular visits to the dentist and proper everyday brushing and flossing can help prevent these issues.

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Keep that smile bright and healthy!

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