7 Items to Give Away During the Christmas to Make Customer Happy

7 Items to Give Away During the Christmas to Make Customer Happy

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The year is almost over, and Christmas is around the corner. Now is the perfect time to deliberate on the promotional giveaways to boost your holiday orders. You want to gift your clients items that make them feel special and appreciated for being there for you throughout the year.

We understand how challenging it can be to select the perfect item to nurture business relationships. It is a good idea to give away practical, affordable, and custom branded items for an unforgettable gifting experience to your clients. We have compiled a list of ideas below that will help you get started.

1. A Chocolate Gift Hamper

Chocolate has been enjoyed in many forms for hundreds of years and makes an ideal marketing giveaway during Christmas. Irrespective of the style, whether the classic Mayan, contemporary Australian, white or dark chocolates, take the hint that people love chocolate.

During Christmas, your customers are scattered all over the country, and you may want to mail them a customized box of chocolate. Interestingly, there are companies that can help you on how to ship chocolate without melting.

Chocolates have a guarantee to make your customers feel special and appreciated for being part of your success journey. Let your customers celebrate different savors and flavors this holiday with a well-packaged branded chocolate box.

2. A Calendar

With the new year around the corner, a practical giveaway gift is a calendar. A great way to deliver the perfect calendar to your customers is to customize it with your monthly offers, coupon codes, and private sales throughout the year. You may also consider highlighting special events and trade show giveaways for the year.

A calendar is a good marketing tool to advertise different kinds of services rendered by your company. Such promotions indicate how you value business from your customers and allow your company to remain focused 365 days a year. You can choose to print a desk calendar for the office workspace and a wall calendar to ensure you capture the attention of your clients while at work or home.

3. Gift Cards

Gift cards are always a good option as they allow your customers to pick out precisely what they want. They can also be used as a way of rewarding loyal customers and thanking them for their business. This is especially true if you have a high volume of repeat purchases from the same clients.

When promoting your gift card service, clarify how much money will be given away in each promotion. If you do not do this, people may think that there won’t be any value in using your service. Also, if you give away too little, you could lose some potential customers. Furthermore, ensure the gift card allows a customer to have the flexibility of shopping online or at your local store.

4. Wireless Chargers

In an era of increased remote working, mobile devices tend to discharge faster due to prolonged use. Therefore, there is a need for instant phone chargers, and that is why wireless chargers are a suitable choice to gift your customers. If you operate a business entirely online, wireless chargers can be the ideal gift for your customers. Luckily, you can have them customized to remind your clients about your brand during their everyday use.

5. Quote of the Day Gift Cards

As the new year begins, it is crucial that your customers stay motivated each day to achieve great things. One of the best ways to cultivate a winning attitude for the year is by gifting them with the quote of the day gift cards. The cards will prove that you care about your business with your clients and reflect that you wish them well and would love to see them succeed.

6. Tote Shopping Bag

If you have run out of time and are looking for a quick way to make your customers smile this Christmas, consider tote bags. The bags are ideal for customer utility during shopping, whether at the grocery store, community market, or holiday shopping. Ensure that the bags have your branded logo to market your business every time your customers step out with them.

7. Corporate Gift Basket

Sometimes there is just more than one item that you can choose to show gratitude to your clients. For this reason, a corporate gift basket is an excellent choice to gift your customers during the Christmas holiday. You may include a personalized handwritten sentiment of what individual customers mean to your business, homemade cookies, a bottle of wine, and coffee beans.


During Christmas Holidays, your clients are looking forward to fantastic corporate giveaways. That said, it is vital to remember that gifting them during this season will make them happy and help your company acquire more orders. The above gift ideas are perfect for making this the most memorable Christmas yet.