7 Basic Skills for Good Digital Marketer in 2021

7 Basic Skills for Good Digital Marketer in 2021

The digital marketing industry is filled with complexities. In addition to that, the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing as old trends die off, and new trends manifest themselves. Let's take a look at some of the skills digital marketers need to succeed in the online marketing world of 2021.

1. Channel Planning

Digital channels such as social media, experienced tremendous growth last year. In addition to that, many online users increased the amount of time that they spent on social media, during the year 2020. As more channels continue to manifest themselves and gain popularity, digital markets need to be able to develop a plan and optimize it for maximum impact. The key to accomplishing this is to understand how each channel works and to see how it fits into your overall marketing strategy so that you can encourage engaging experiences.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization can be best described as the process of altering onsite and offsite factors to increase the ranking of a website for a given search query. Based on the fact that 95% of users, never leave the first page of a given search engine result, SEO will continue to be an important skill that the most serious marketers need to develop and incorporate into their overall marketing strategy.

In fact, statistics that were gathered by Hubspot demonstrated that as much as 64% of marketers, invest an abundance of their time into SEO. While SEO may not give you instant results like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, based on the fact that websites are replacing physically-based stores at a rapid rate, marketers cannot afford to ignore the impact search engine optimization can have on their efforts.

3. Marketing Analytics

Back in the day, traditional marketing has heavily reliant on guesswork. Back then marketers did not have access to the vast amount of data that the modern-day marketer has access to. In today's world, marketing analytics is essential when it comes to determining the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Marketing analytics can be best described as the process of analyzing, measuring and managing, the performance of a marketing campaign or marketing strategy. Marketing analytics give markets the opportunity to gauge the effectiveness of their efforts, as to which they can optimize to increase their return on investment.

4. Video Content Creation

According to Statista, 85% of internet users in the United States, watch online videos on a monthly basis on numerous devices. Markers can capitalize on this, by improving their video content creation skills. Video marketing is easier and cheaper than it's ever been. Additionally, it's also becoming increasingly important when it comes to developing a successful digital marketing campaign. And, in today's world, the process of creating high-quality video content is easy, as a result of advances in smartphone technology which enables you to create high-quality videos on portable devices. Additionally, when it comes to creating brand awareness, video marketing is key. This is because video content can help to make you stand out, in the midst of all the noise and excess content that can be found on the web.

5. Voice-Enabled Search

Back in 2019, 27% of all internet users utilized voice search. Additionally, eMarketer predicted that over 100 million people in the United States would be using voice-enabled devices and voice assistants. As it stands, hundreds of millions of people use a voice assistant on a monthly basis. Additionally, voice-enabled devices have been rising in popularity. Therefore, digital marketers need to develop new skill sets, to connect with customers who prefer that type of search method. In essence, digital marketers should think about a world, where customers connect to them via voice search or voice assistant. They also need to analyze the impact this will have on their customer service solutions and content strategy. Said in simple terms, a competent digital marketing agency needs to focus on how they can capitalize on this growing trend.

6. Customer Journey Mapping

Said in simpler terms, customer journey mapping can be best described as being the process of establishing a visual story that highlights how consumers interact with a brand. Customer journey mapping gives marketers the ability to know their target audience better. It enables them to get a bird's eye view of how a consumer maneuvers through every touchpoint, from the moment, that they visit a social media profile or website, to the moment that they make a purchase. Journey mapping gives you the opportunity to identify issues, opportunities, and allows you to create more compelling and engaging customer experiences.

7. Learn How To Use English More Professionally

As a professional marketer, learning how to write English correctly is of the utmost importance in 2021. There are many courses available that can help when it comes to English exam preparation. By learning taking an IELTS preparation course, it will enable you to market to English speakers more efficiently. Additionally, it will help you when it comes to evaluating what Tier 1 competitors are doing, as well as establishing professional relationships with other English-speaking experts in the field.

As a result of the difficulties that the pandemic caused, many consumers changed the way they consume content and purchase products. As such, digital marketers must make every effort to continuously develop their knowledge and acquire new skills to keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.