Green building modeling process by engineering outsourcing companies

Green building modeling process by engineering outsourcing companies

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an integration model that includes design, construction and management functions. BIM can improve the accuracy, integrity, controllability, and efficiency of architectural design, effectively solve the problem of reproducibility of the original architectural design, and create 3D images of building diagrams. The integration of green building design with BIM technology helps planners fully understand all building data and information.

Green building modeling analysis is a continuous feedback design process. Integration of green building design to use computer simulation software. An organic combination of human and computer education to ensure the integrity of green building and the degree of integration. Figure 50.1 is a simulation of the green building process cycle. As you can see in the figure, green building design and computer simulations are a continuous loop and feedback process.

Computer modeling is a continuous feedback process of information about green buildings. It is a combination of the overall process of modeling the characteristics of a building and architectural design, forming the basis for an entire green building through computer modeling. Modeling the characteristics of green buildings not only provides us with a visual representation, but also lays a solid foundation for optimizing the design phase of a green building program. With the increasing importance of energy efficiency in buildings and the quality of the built environment, computer-integrated simulation analysis is gradually becoming an important and indispensable tool in the design of sustainable buildings.

In this study, we discussed business trends, technology, usage scenarios and working areas and bim modeling outsourcing . Of course, digital construction is a complex and detailed topic and / or sector. Other categories and technologies will soon be analyzed and presented as a working paper.