Deirdre McLaughlin Counselling & Consulting

Deirdre McLaughlin Counselling & Consulting

Deirdre McLaughlin offers many counselling services, including Anger Management & Depression Therapy in Nelson. Call to know more & witness a noticeable change.

Deirdre McLaughlin offers body image, self-esteem, media, and eating disorder presentations to youth, parents, educators, and health care professionals.

In my mind, counselling does the work of an ideal friend: empathetic listening, impartial reflection - a sounding board. Of course, there is more to it than that. The way a counsellor holds your experience involves skills that, when done well, you won’t even perceive.

Address: 102D-415 Kootenay Street, Nelson BC, V1L 1K7
Phone: 250-551-9933

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