Your Career And Life Path Number

Your Career And Life Path Number

One question that we all dread in our adulthood is when someone asks us what we want to do in our life. Most of the time, we are not aware of what career path to choose. If you are wondering what job to choose or which career path will be suitable for you, numerology can guide you.

If your career or work is compatible with your date of birth, there is a good chance you will get success in whatever work you do. However, when you choose the wrong career, then there is a good chance that you will not achieve as much success. Hence, choosing the right numerological career is crucial. Nowadays, if you want to get numerological guidance, all you have to do is consult an online numerologist in India.

A Brief Look into Life Path Number

Numerology is the belief that numbers have their own unique traits, which give you a deeper understanding of your desires, wants, needs, and obstacles that you’ll be facing in life. The most important number for an individual is the Life Path Number. The Life Path Number holds all your characteristics and personality traits, the skills you have, lessons you must learn, and what hurdles you’ll face in life. Your Life Path Number can also give you an understanding of what career is best suited for you.

Now, you might be wondering how to find out what your Life Path Number is. It’s quite simple. You have to add up all the numbers in your date of birth. For example, if you were born on 12th December 1989. Then add up all the digits- 1+2+1+2+1+9+8+9= 33,

3+3 = 6. So, 6 is your Life Path Number.

A quick thing to remember is that if your birthday is 11 or 22, or if the total of your date of birth is 11 or 22, do not convert it to a single number as 11 and 22 are master numbers.

Now, let us look at the career options which are compatible with your Life Path Number.

Careers and Numbers

  • If You are a Number 1

People with Life Path Number 1 exhibit strengths such as independence, leadership qualities, and self-motivation. These folks are courageous and make exceptional team leaders. They also have innovative ideas, can think outside the box, and come up with creative solutions. Business owners, politicians, inventors, army or military officers, researchers, innovators, etc., are good career options for people with Life Path Number 1.

  • If You are a Number 2

Those with Life Path Number 2 are peace-lovers and don’t enjoy confrontation. They usually try to get along with everyone and create a harmonious atmosphere. These individuals are emotional, sympathetic, soft-spoken, and conservative. Additionally, these people are also creative, knowledge-oriented, and skilful. These people thrive in jobs that allow them to be of service and help others. Diplomats, negotiators, public relations officers, nurses, teachers, consultants, mediators, etc., are some professions that can suit people with Life Path Number 2.

  • If You are a Number 3

People who are Life Path Number 3 value creativity and communication. Their creativity and unique personality guide them towards their truth. Routine and a typical nine-to-five job are not these individuals' cup of tea, so they should rather take up jobs that allow them to follow their heart and boost their creativity. A performer like a dancer, singer, actor or music composer, writer, journalist, advertising, comedian, editor, etc., are suitable career options for these individuals.

  • If You are a Number 4

Those with Life Path Number 4 are cerebral, intellectual, intelligent, and hard-working. They are constantly seeking knowledge and are multi-talented. Communication is key for these individuals. Professions like engineers, mechanics, management, architect, builder, etc., are best suited for individuals with Life Path Number 4.

  • If You are a Number 5

People with Life Path Number 5 enjoy their freedom and individuality. They have a bit of a wild side to them. They are multi-talented, which is why they can achieve success in a variety of fields. A sense of adventure flows through Life Path Number 5, and these people like to pave their own path. Career options like photojournalists, travel agents, tour guides, journalists, writers, etc., can be taken up by people who have Life Path Number 5.

  • If You are a Number 6

Those with Life Path Number 6 have a strong nurturing side. They are compassionate and have a magnetic energy, which is why people are drawn to them. These individuals are motivated by their emotional connection with other people. People with Life Path Number 6 should choose careers like doctor, veterinarian, animal rights worker, fashion designer, school teacher, etc.

  • If You are a Number 7

Those with Life Path Number 7 have a depth of thought, strong philosophies, and intelligence. They are connected to the energy of the Universe in such a way that it pushes them to seek the truth in any circumstance. They are always searching for deeper meanings and are drawn towards science, art, or philosophy. The best suitable careers for these individuals are researcher, innovator, spiritual healer, physicist, anthropologist, etc.

  • If You are a Number 8

Those with Life Path Number 8, their goal is to establish financial security. These individuals are likely to seek material abundance as they relish the freedom that one enjoys when one is financially stable. These people are focused, dependable, responsible, and dedicated to their goals. Career options like becoming a banker, investor, CEO, share broker, accountant, investor, etc., suits these individuals.

  • If You are a Number 9

People whose Life Path Number is 9 have a deep sense of compassion. They are selfless humanitarians who have a deep need to help others in need. It is your goal to serve others and contribute to the community. Their humanitarian quality motivates them to be kind to others. This is why taking up the job role of a social worker, human rights worker, nutritionist, activist, working at NGOs, etc., will be suitable.

  • If You are a Number 11

Life Path Number 11 is a dynamic number that has a lot of potential. These individuals have the capabilities to influence many people and be an inspiration to them. These individuals are a source of truth and soul. They have wisdom, knowledge and are very intuitive. Spiritual Guru, Spiritual Healer, etc., are professions for these individuals. If someone is not interested in these professions, they can opt for career options for Life Path Number 2, as 11 means 1+1=2.

  • If You are a Number 22

Life Path Number 22 is a powerful number, which is also known as the Master Builder Number. This number can offer success and knowledge. Individuals with this number possess incredible energy and power. They have the ability to deal with different kinds of people. They are also logical, pragmatic, and sensible. These individuals can deal with situations practically. People with Life Path Number 22 can get into politics or business. The best professions for these individuals are the ones that need conceptualising of plans and putting them into motion. Furthermore, these people can also choose career options as suitable for Life Path Number 4.

These are just brief explanations of what career options to choose as per the Life Path Number. If you want an in-depth understanding of your Life Path Number, it is best to contact a numerologist in India. When looking for the best numerologist in India, Astroyogi should be your pick. Astroyogi helps you consult the most reputable and best numerologist in India hassle-free.