Top Most Popular Coatings Chemicals Suppliers in Taiwan

Top Most Popular Coatings Chemicals Suppliers in Taiwan

Chemicals coatings suppliers are specialized in eco-friendly nano-coatings and parylene coatings.

The chemicals coatings suppliers are specialized in eco-friendly nano-coatings and parylene coatings. Created with a fusion of technical experience and the best industry knowledge, these chemical coatings are renowned for enhancing almost all kinds of metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Parylene coating is applied through vapor deposition within a vacuum chamber. The parylene coating process can address the limitations of the conventional coating process as it demonstrates extremely superior features. Besides, parylene coating offers freedom from coating defects and pinholes for thin coatings up to 1 micron. Unlike the liquid coatings with the unevenly thick film adapted to the shape's contour, the parylene coating's films are uniformly thick, regardless of their complexity. You can contact the parylene coating suppliers to select a parylene coating of your choice.

Features of parylene coating

  • Salt spray resistant
  • uniformly thick
  • No pinhole
  • Complete conformal
  • Thin-film dielectric
  • Excellent moisture barrier

Applications of parylene coatings

Medical purposes

  • Pressure sensors
  • Epidural probes and needles
  • stents
  • prostheses
  • cardiac assist devices
  • ultrasound transducers


  • Semiconductor wafers
  • printed circuit boards
  • consumer electronics
  • military PCBA
  • automotive electronics
  • medical PCBA
  • Microelectronic mechanical systems

Rubber silicone

  • Plungers
  • medical catheters
  • rubber seals
  • diaphragms

Example of steel or ferrite products

  • Washer
  • buttons
  • magnetic core
  • rotating or stationary motor parts
  • sensor housing

What are the features of nano-ceramic coatings?

  • Eco friendly
  • excellent adhesive properties
  • anti-graffiti and anti-fingerprint
  • high anti-corrosive properties
  • customized gloss and color
  • Comprehensive applications
  • communication
  • fastener
  • consumer electronics
  • jewelry
  • automotive

Types of nano-ceramic coatings

FTC 1500 is suitable for direct steel mainly to improve the properties of direct adhesion, especially when the surface is pre-treated without passivation or primer. The process is eco-friendly and simple. FTC 1500 can be applied to a metal's interior design, stainless steel, Ti-plating surfaces, bike parts, bathroom equipment, kitchen wares, auto parts, hardware, and so on.

Features of FTC 1500

  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Thin coating
  • High hardness (pencil hardness)
  • Anti-fingerprint, which make it easy to clean
  • Metal luster- Highly glossy and highly transparent
  • anti-abrasion
  • Solvent resistance (ethanol, MEK, methylbenzene, acetone, and so on)
  • Alkaline and acid resistance
  • customized colors
  • Bending (1T, which is efficient for post-processes)

NanoMate series of sealants

In addition to the anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion properties, the following features of this sealant will allow it to stand out from the rest:

• Glossy black finish, which is better than black gems

• Can comply with nylon patch processes

You can check out the varieties of different chemical coatings for providing a long-lasting and durable appeal to your surfaces.