10 Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Wix Website

10 Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Wix Website

There are more than 1000 templates available on Wix. Learn how to best use the Wix platform to create your website, online store, and blog.

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Creating a website is not that difficult. A simple website can be created with WordPress or Joomla which are free content management systems. However, if you are trying to create a Wix website, then what you need is some knowledge about Wix and how it works.

What is Wix?

Wix is a website builder where you can create your own website on Wix platform without investing in any software. You simply sign up on Wix, choose a template and start customizing it.

If you are not that good with coding or designing then the best part about Wix is its drag and drop editing interface which can be used to easily design and develop a beautiful and responsive wix website.

When you first visit the Wix site, you will find plenty of free templates to choose from. You need to select one which matches your requirements and features. Now click on 'Build' button to get started with customizing your page. The changes made priorly appear before publishing them live online.

What is needed to create a Wix Website?

No need to download anything from Wix to start with. All you need is a working internet connection and time to build your website. You can now create a Wix website by choosing any of the following two methods:

* Uploading an existing site or HTML

* Starting fresh with uploading design elements, images, audio and video files etc. You can also share it online through social media like Facebook etc.

Does Wix website has Templates Available?

There are literally more than 1000+ templates available on Wix which you can use for creating your own new website or customizing an existing one. The template category includes websites for creative industries like photography, films, medical industry etc., as well as personal sites.

Here are some tips for creating the best Wix website ever.

1) Upload big images

Uploading big images on your Wix website will increase the loading time of your site. Larger images will require more server bandwidth compared to smaller images so it's better to upload JPEG images of size less than 1MB instead of uploading PNG images of larger size. So this is the first tip on how to create a Wix website.

2) Keep Slideshow above the fold

Keep the slideshow above the fold so that your customer may see at least one item right after entering your site and can click on it to know more details about that product. If you want, then you can also display an image right below the fold as well. This will increase conversion rates for sure!

3) Use color contrast effectively

Don't make your Wix website black and white. Use color contrast properly to highlight special products or important things like contact us form, etc...so that a user can easily spot them quickly. Users prefer colorful websites these days since they are visually appealing too!

4) Use photos of real people

People are more attracted to websites which have people in them. So make your Wix website more attractive by adding photos of real looking people. People relate themselves with the products when they see other people using them, hence increasing conversion rates for sure!

5) Use Pop-up windows sparingly

Pop-up windows are annoying and many users close the current tab if they get a pop-up window on their screen. So it's better to keep pop-up windows to special offers or discounts so that users can't resist clicking on them. This will increase lead generation for sure...

6) Let your customers search products efficiently

If you want to provide effective customer service, then allow your customers to search products easily via categories , brands, etc... People nowadays search products via categories and brands more than by typing the exact product name in the search bar. So this is a unique tip on how to create a Wix website for sure!

7) Add Call to action buttons at right places

Wherever you ask your customer to sign up or make a purchase, put a call to action button there so that he/she may proceed without any hesitation. If they are interested in making a purchase from your site, then think about "Why would they hesitate?" because there must be some reason behind it which you should know and fix if possible. So having call to action buttons in proper places will increase conversion rates for sure!

8) Use Social media buttons to increase visibility

Social media is important for any business. People spend more time on social media than on the actual website. So use Social Media buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc..to spread awareness of your Wix website among people all over the world easily. This will help you get started with your Wix website since getting traffic to your site is essential!

9) Use tags for product listings

Using keywords as tags will help search engines find products easier. If it's not possible to put some unique tagging for some products then you can also use bulk tagging feature provided by Wix so that some products don't remain un-tagged and customers may still find them. So this is the 9th tip on how to make a wix website for sure!

10) Use your widgets effectively

You can use useful widgets like 'Email opt-in', 'FAQs' , etc..to provide helpful information to customers. Also, you should put them in proper places because sometimes they might get annoying since they get in the way of actual content. So using your Wix widgets efficiently will increase visitor retention for sure!

11) Add Text to Speech Feature to Your Wix website

This is an amazing feature that Wix offers to people. Just add text to speech feature to your site and you can choose whether you want it for visitors or just for search engine bots. You can easily add text to speech to Wix website without any effort. Tools like WebsiteVoice can be embedded to each page of your Wix website and make your site more accessible by helping people to listen to the content.

12) Add FAQs article type

FAQs are very useful especially if they contain some helpful information about your website or business itself so that customers may know things in detail, not just the surface level information. Adding FAQs will help improve customer satisfaction which is essential since satisfied customers are more likely to come back again on your Wix website!

13) Keep Your Products Categorized Properly Organized

Let's face it - most users get confused when trying to navigate through a messy webpage filled with products all over the place.


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