I Ski, Therefore I am

I Ski, Therefore I am

What have been doing this winter?

I read a great article the other day in Powder Magazine titled I Ski Because I Can. The magazine asked several past editors why skiing was important to them and this article was the response from past editor Derek Taylor.

It talks about the fact that once you've learned to ski, you will never loose the skill. In fact you stand an amazing chance of improving your skills until the day you die. I ski regularly with people in their in 70's and 80's and they have not slowed down one bit.

A few days after reading the article, my wife and I had the same conversation Derek wrote about as we taught our 3 year old nephew how to make the first turns of his young life. We talked about how easy skiing still is for us. While some sports such as skating and jogging we can't go at the same speeds we did 20 years ago. But with skiing we've improved and become faster, or at least maintained our speeds from 20 years ago.

And to prove this point comes the news cast out of Northern Michigan of a 106 year old skier, still buckling up the boots and putting the boards on.

CBS March 13, 2011.

While everyone understands that skiing is great for your health, it gets you outside, exercising, and some much needed vitamin D at a time of year when most of us are deprived of it. Provides years of family fun and memories. The benefits of skiing are endless.

But there's something else skiing can provide, something that took me over 45 years of skiing to realize. It provides a distraction.

As an alpine race coach it was the greatest distraction I could have ever asked for while my wife was receiving chemo treatments for breast cancer. While we were making regular trips to the cancer center, doctors, specialists, the emergency rooms...

When I was able to get on the hill, my focus was on the people I was working with, my technique, their technique. For just 3 hours there was nothing else in the world. I became an addict, and couldn't wait to get back out. Because back in the office during the day and all thoughts were on her.

Living in Waterloo Region we are blessed to have a community ski hill only 20 minutes from everywhere. Chicopee is probably the premier learning center in Ontario.So if you're lacking in the vitamin D, need some exercise, want something you can do for the rest of your life, and/or you simply need a distraction from all the going ons. Then get out there and ski.