Women and Money part 6

Women and Money part 6

Bringing it all together. Thank you for following this series, I trust you have it informative.

The Plan for your success

The statistics speak for themselves. While almost 60% of Canadian women are employed today, they are less likely to be insured and like their male counterparts…..don’t feel confident with their plan and don’t meet regularly with a financial planner.

Why Not?

I sincerely hope that through this series I've laid out all the benefits of a solid plan and relationship with a planner for you. So maybe now is the time to break out from the pack and take the next steps...Where do you start? and what should you look for?

Women and Money part 6
  • Find someone who asks you the right questions, and doesn't just tell you the "right" answers
  • Look for someone who you trust and who represents a company you trust.
  • Look for someone who has your best interest at heart

Together with the right advisor you'll find the answers...

Women and Money part 6
  • Are your investments suitable for your goals?
  • Can you pay less tax?
  • Will you have the income you need to retire and do the things you want to do?
  • Can you retire when you want to?
  • Do you have the right amount and types of insurance?
  • Will your estate transfer efficiently and tax effectively?
  • Do you have control over your income?

In the end, they will have created for you a realistic plan. One that will manage your investments with a long-term perspective designed to complement your comfort for risk, goals for growth and objectives of your plan.

And be there to help you implement your plan on a systematic basis

  • Responding to changes in your personal and financial situation
  • Reviewing your overall financial picture regularly
  • Adjusting the allocation of assets, and insurance, if needed.

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Women and Money part 6