Can I Change My Name On Delta Airlines Ticket?

Can I Change My Name On Delta Airlines Ticket?

All you need to do is, reach out to Delta Airlines Customer Service through the customer support number.

All of us make air bookings for our favourite destination, but what if we made the bookings by the wrong name? What if we want to change the name on the ticket? No one wants to waste many pennies they spent on getting the bookings done, which is why delta airlines allow a passenger to change their name on the ticket. Many airlines have stringent rules and do not change the name on the ticket, and the flyer has to rebook the new tickets.

Delta airlines make sure none of their passengers faces any such issues, so they follow the name change policy. This airline is known for providing the best services to all its passengers. This is yet another policy that helps passengers carry out their air trip easily as unlike other airlines; this airline makes sure that people don’t have to follow a complicated procedure for changing their name on the ticket. An individual can visit the official site if they want to know all about the name change policy in detail.

If an individual faces any problem while following the procedure of changing the name, they can contact Delta Airlines Customer Service Phone Number.

Need to Change Your Name? Find Out All About It Here!

It is important to remember that an individual’s name on the ticket must match their name on the passport. If this is not made sure then, an individual will face a lot of problem at the time of boarding.

Make sure you change your name on the ticket as quickly as possible. Try and change the name within 24 hours of making the reservations. If you switch the name on your ticket within 24 hours, delta airlines charge you no fee. This policy is so beneficial for the people who make bookings with delta airlines. To clarify all your doubts, use the delta airlines customer service phone number.

Are There Any Fees or Charges for Changing the Name?

If you are going to change the name on your ticket, they will have to pay a fee. This fee this not fixed; it varies from $75 to $500. The charge or fee depends on the type of ticket than an individual book. In case you need to know more about it, then contact delta airlines customer service phone number.

Points to Keep in Mind When you Change the Name on the ticket-

• An individual can change the spelling of the name without paying any charges or fee.

• If an individual has to change their last name because of their marriage or divorce, they can do it after providing the necessary documents.

• An individual is not allowed to transfer the ticket to someone else’s name.

• If you entered your nickname by mistake, one could change it.

• You cannot change the surname from sr. to Jr. or vice versa.

• A passenger can change the first and middle name without using the waiver code.

• You can request the airlines to change your name from 24 hours to seven days from the day of departure.

• One needs to make sure that their first and middle name is correct, then only they are eligible to change the last name. Go ahead to Contact delta airlines customer service phone number or any further queries.

Follow These Steps to Change the Name on Your Ticket-

A passenger might make the bookings using the wrong name or enter the incorrect spelling; there is no need to worry if this happens. Delta airlines have set some procedure and steps that one needs to follow to do the changes. If you are stuck anywhere while making the changes or following the steps, get in touch with travel experts at delta airlines customer service phone number. Here are the steps one needs to follow to change the name on their delta ticket-

• Visit the official site of Delta airlines.

• Click on the option of “Manage my travel”. You will find this option at the top of your page.

• Now enter the details of your reservation number along with the last name on your passport. Enter “next”.

• In this step, you will see your booking. Select that part of the booking whose name you want to change.

• You are select the booking you want to change, press the option of “edit”, and now go to the next step.

• Once you click edit, you are now eligible to change your itinerary details, flights details, and at the end, personal details.

• As individuals want to change their details, skip to the last step and change your name on the ticket.

• When you change the ticket name, click on “confirm”.

• After confirming the changes, save the changes and get the print of your edited ticket.

To clear all your doubts and queries related to the name change policy and its steps, use Delta Airlines Customer Service.