Ego Begone! No Place for it in Goal Setting

Ego Begone!  No Place for it in Goal Setting

Changing my mindset around goal setting as an Entrepreneur versus my Corporate days included one big change.

As the month comes closer to its end I can't help but think that if I was still in the corporate world, I would be working in what would be deemed my 4th quarter. I would be spending time reviewing the status of my goals and metrics. Re-prioritizing so that I completed as much as possible the activities and TO DO lists passed onto me at the start of the year. Identifying where I had lost track of projects (to be honest it did happen) and how I could re-focus and get them back on track (not always possible!) to finish off the year strong.

The biggest change for me as an entrepreneur versus my corporate life is that I am now solely responsible for my goal setting and achievements - both long and short term. I never used to worry about that. Somebody else much higher up in the ranks did that for me.  As an entrepreneur, I had to take complete control of my short and long-term goals. It's me.  All me.  Not that I didn't own my goals in my corporate life.  I did, but as an entrepreneur it meant something completely different.

Ego Begone!  No Place for it in Goal Setting

Quite a change for the ego.

To learn how to set goals, stay on track while growing myself as an entrepreneur at the same time as my business, I had to put my ego aside. I have learned that although I am an entrepreneur, I am not the sole person growing my business. I am not the "one and only".

Building a business is about people. Developing relationships.  Networking outside of the four walls of my home office.

There is no finger pointing when I miss goals or targets, unless the fingers are pointed at myself. If I do not succeed, it is because I either did not take risks or develop the right relationships whereby I could ask for help AND receive it.

I have learned to surround myself with people that have a desire to see me succeed.  Peers, friends and networks that will help, if I ask for it and follow through on what I am supposed to do.

Ego Begone!  No Place for it in Goal Setting

As the end of the year draws near, I am still moving day by day, learning how to adapt to the continuous growth and needs of a business. What means the most for me is that even though my goals are all my own, I know that I do not have to do it alone.

Removing the ego from my goal setting and actions throughout the year has been quite the interesting learning experience.  The result is my ability to provide products and services to people that they really need (not what I think they need or want to do), and use my growing networks to help me communicate the support that I can provide to others.

Without involving others in my goal planning, I will sure to miss many of them.  And the only finger pointing I could do would be to raise my arm above me head, and point my finger down at the head directly below it.

Ego Begone!  No Place for it in Goal Setting

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