Confident Leadership-Achieve More When..

Confident Leadership-Achieve More When..

...You Believe in Yourself. 4 Strategies to Inspire Teams while being an Authentic Leader.

Confident Leadership-Achieve More When..

Achieve More When you Believe in Yourself

Leaders exist everywhere, from Network Marketers growing their front-lines, to bosses, to anyone in the position of caring for children. While society still leans towards perceiving leadership by the title that one possesses, like CEO or Manager/Supervisor, there is a shift in recognizing the growing leadership presence in non-traditional areas and roles:

While society still leans towards perceiving leadership by the title that one possesses, like CEO or Manager/Supervisor, there is a shift in recognizing the growing leadership presence in non-traditional areas and roles:

  • Parents, or anyone caring for the needs of a child, are leaders. Their actions highly influential on the growth and outcome of the child. Support and direction offered by parents using a multitude of methods, unique to the parents own style and the essence of the child.
  • Network marketers and entrepreneurs are leaders. Typically employing self-leadership in the early establishments of their businesses on the road to gaining their first client, front-line or team member. These leaders eventually shift their leadership focus from the sole growth of themselves to also nurturing the development and leadership of others, via growing teams to educating customers.
In what areas of your life are you a leader? What are your core leadership skills and capabilities? How are you growing your own leadership skills in each of these areas?
Confident Leadership-Achieve More When..

Being in a position to impact and influence change, the growth of others, are characteristic of being in a leadership position. Leaders can be multi-dimensional, taking on the position in many different facets of their lives, in differing capabilities.

This article is intended on providing information and knowledge for:

  1. New or emerging leaders,
  2. Leaders searching for a deeper meaning as to their own core leadership values,
  3. Veteran leaders looking for a deeper understanding of what can be done to make an exponential impact on the results of their audience.

This article is both a resource and tool that will compliment and expand on current leadership capabilities, regardless of experience level.

The following 4 strategies can be used when initiating and/or growing connections.

Confident Leadership-Achieve More When..

Understand The “Why”

“Why” is the fundamental reason for a leader wanting to put themselves into the position in the first place. Leaders take on increased risk of decisions and results. They become the main point of contact for customers and clients, being on the receiving end of both positive and negative experiences.

Understanding “Why” a leadership role has been sought out can be the fuel that drives a passion forward when faced with logic and fear. It is also the emotional reason that audiences connect to, that makes a leader truly stand out, and build a following of customers, clients and peers who believe in the actions and vision of the leader.

Further reflection on your "Why".

Identify your WOW Factor

This can be a challenging reflection process, identifying a unique skill or characteristic that inspires people to follow them. The WOW factor, though, can highlight the key skills and competencies that a leader innately possesses, ones that are already having an impact on their results as a leader.

Pin pointing a WOW Factor can be vulnerable process. Some leaders are humble, and not comfortable acknowledging their results or specialized knowledge or skills, for fear of seeming arrogant.

Feedback from friends, clients and customers can provide priceless insight into a leaders WOW factor. The more feedback, the greater the opportunity for rich information to be learned, valuable testimonials to be gained and common themes to be highlighted.

Confident Leadership-Achieve More When..


A leader can save immense time and remove the guess-work of what their team wants by simply asking them. Making assumptions based on self-perceptions can be counter-productive to motivating teams, actually lowering morale.

  • What expectations do they have?
  • What are their fears or perceived barriers?
  • How do they like to receive feedback or be recognized for their achievements?
  • What are their communication preferences?

Asking provides leaders with valuable information as to how interactions can be personalized. It creates a sense of trust and perception that their leader is invested in the individual needs of each person and the team as a collective unit.

Confident Leadership-Achieve More When..

Be Authentic

Not knowing something is not a sign of weakness, lack of knowledge, or disconnection from current industry, product or service trends or changes. As a leader, it is a sign that a learning opportunity exists. Leaders should maintain authenticity when educating their teams, clients or customers, and provide the right information, not the “almost right” information.

Some helpful responses leaders can use when presented with a question or situation to which a confident answer is not available are:

“I have never had that before. Let me look into that as I am curious about the answer as well.”
“I believe I know the answer but would like to confirm a few details because I do not want to mislead you or give you the wrong information.”
“Because you are making a decision based on my answer, I want to confirm the details so that you have the right information you need to make the decision that is best for you.”
Confident Leadership-Achieve More When..


Leadership confidence is grown via natural skill and experiential learning. Learning from experiences as they are encountered encompasses recognizing positive outcomes and seeing undesirable outcomes as learning opportunities and not failures.

Regardless of how a leader transitioned into their position, self-confidence will provide a solid foundation to exuding confidence. Perception by others of confidence will validate one’s desire to follow a particular leader, to see them as the expert of their product or service, and trust that they are genuine in their desire to help.

More thoughts on the role of self-confidence in leadership.

Confident Leadership-Achieve More When..

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