After the Picture Books: What to Read with your Young Girl

After the Picture Books: What to Read with your Young Girl

Create meaningful conversations with your daughter without picture books, and get a good picture of what her dreams are for herself. And maybe you.

Miss those nights snuggled in bed reading with your little girl?

Wishing for moments of quality time and conversation with your daughter, hearing about her dreams, wishes, and fears are so that you can help her achieve them?

Those nights, or that feeling of closeness, as you listen to her attempts to read flourish from sounding out words to reading confidently do not need to disappear.

With technology, busy lives and hectic schedules, it can be difficult to maintain those special moments of connection.

But there is a solution that can help to empower you while you empower her.

A recent study by Harvard Psychologists cites that two actions that parents can take to raise "good" kids is to spend quality time with them + let them see you as mentors and role models.

After the Picture Books: What to Read with your Young Girl

The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls is a one-of-a-kind book that allows you to check off both of those actions, on top of the benefits that come from reading with your children.

“Beautifully written and filled with inspirational stories. This book helps the reader find their light from within while empowering them to show our younger generation of woman that anything is possible.” Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author

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Written not just for women, but for women to read with girls ages 9-14, The ATHENA Prodigies is creating infinite learning opportunities for women. Learning how to mentor girls in their leadership mindset, and to role model what empowerment actually look like, feels like, and is are outcomes connected to the book.  As women are guided to reflect on their own childhood dreams and desires, they are supported in having reflective conversations with the girl they are reading the book with, with the help of questions within each chapter.

After the Picture Books: What to Read with your Young Girl

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With more attention being focused in recent years on building leadership and confidence in girls, the growth in how that leadership and confidence is empowered is uni-dimensional.  Commercials and ads can inspire, motivate and empower, but what happens when the visuals end and not enough is being done to teach how to maintain those positive feelings?

What happens when leadership and confidence are being role modeled by women who are not confident in their own leadership capabilities?

What is missing is a bridge that connects the two.  A bridge that connects women seeing, feeling, and being empowered to girls who are seeing, feeling, and being empowered to be the same.  A bridge that connects the differences in the perception of the other generation regarding their own sense of leadership.  Multi-dimensional as well as multi-generational leadership growth and development.

After the Picture Books: What to Read with your Young Girl

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After the picture books is the beginning of a new journey.  One where the dreams of both of you make up the visual pictures.  One where, as you grow in your sense of being the leader ~ Heroine ~ of your dreams and stories, you are role modeling and mentoring her on how she can be the leader ~ Heroine ~ of her dreams and stories.

Continue to create those moments of connection with your daughter.  Get a glimpse of the leader that she already is.  Role model your leadership skills to teach her.  Re-connect with your own childhood dreams while empowering her to pursue hers.

Think of The ATHENA Prodigies as a new type of picture book.  One where the pictures are created from your dreams.  One where each of you is empowering the other to turn them into reality.

After the Picture Books: What to Read with your Young Girl

Danielle Joworski is a Life and Executive Coach helping devoted Corporate Moms realize and own their worth, creating a satisfying life:work balance by living a fulfilled life and having a successful career. She is a 2017 Rhyze Award winner honoring women entrepreneurs, and a bestselling and award-winning Author of The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls. To learn more about Danielle, follow her on Facebook or download a complimentary gift from her website at #defineyoursuccess