16 Affirmations to Help women Realize, and Own, Their Worth

16 Affirmations to Help women Realize, and Own, Their Worth

You are worthy of so much more. Start realizing it today with these easy simple, and empowering affirmations.

I AM one voice, distant and small amongst millions of others

I AM a single person, right now not seen amidst the million of others standing ahead of me.

I AM the one person with my message. A message not just for me but for the world.

I AM one voice than can provide solitude for others.

I AM one woman who can stand up for those who are not able to.

I AM one spirit that can be infectious and empower others who need to be lifted.

I AM one soul who has accepted their calling to learn and teach others to learn.

… To be who we are meant to be
… To be what our future needs us to be
… To be what our children need us to be
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I AM a woman, a strong force of power as I step into this new light.

I AM speaking for those who are not allowed to speak.

I AM representing a movement to inspire those that need to feel inspired, to break out of their own prisons and encourage them to follow their hearts.

I AM one woman, one Mom, one wife, one daughter.

I AM allowing myself to be vulnerable and drawn to a definite purpose in life that is being sculpted as I live it.

I AM a single voice, with a single purpose.

I AM one of many who also have a voice and a purpose, that when brought together as one will stand out amongst the millions.

I AM one.

I AM enough.

Envisioning your desired success is easy. Achieving it has just gotten simpler. Danielle Joworski is a Success Coach, Visibility Consultant and TV Host of The C-Suite on Rogers tv™. She emboldens women 40+ to achieve the success they truly envision for themselves in their career or business. She's on a mission to help women 40+ to be seen, heard, and their work acknowledged for its true value with a vision of a world where a woman's career path and success are limited only by her imagination or reach of her voice. Danielle's focus is on creating safe spaces for insightful conversations to occur, where overwhelm, fear and doubt related to creating impact and personal growth are exchanged for calm, courage and confidence. She intuitively integrates her Fortune 500 leadership background with her experiences as a Rhyze® Award winning business woman to help women re-define their vision of success then take inspired action to achieve it, transforming their work, relationships, and results along the way. Her unique value is a high degree of comfort and expertise bridging the best of entrepreneurial and corporate worlds; naturally blending dynamic mindset practices with high-performing industry skillset processes through revolutionary coaching programs. To learn more about Danielle, follow her on LinkedIn.