Heroines in my Life Series: THRIVING in Happiness

Heroines in my Life Series: THRIVING in Happiness

Happiness is meeting those whom you can trust. Thriving in life is more fun when you nurture relationships that make you feel alive.

Serendipity cannot quite describe the placement of the events earlier in 2016. Illness prevented me from pursuing action on an event that had peaked my interest. What I did not realize that the time was that my illness opened the door to something so much more powerful than an event. A seedling was planted that soon sprouted into a relationship that has branched into many different directions.

Heroines in my Life Series: THRIVING in Happiness

I met Lee Pryke (Lee) as an attendee, not as a vendor as originally planned, at one of her events held in Cambridge, ON in 2016. I was not in the position to take the action I had wanted, but there was something instinctively drawing me to attend. Following an internal guidance system I did not understand at the time, I became privy to the type of event, standard, and showcase of I AM selflessness that she wholly envelopes.

Lee is a woman of multiple talents. I am only beginning to fully comprehend and see the depth and reach of her capabilities. We connected quickly over a love for writing and our passion for empowering women and girls. She has quickly grown to being one of the Heroines in my life, as she reached out and put a lot of trust in me, without even knowing me.

As an entrepreneur still in my grass-roots period when I met Lee, trusting in others and allowing myself to be vulnerable to the risks of developing a business relationship with people you did not know was completely new. Lee offered me opportunity. I took her up on it and received so much more.

There is a saying that it takes approximately 6-7 “touch points” before someone knows, likes and trusts you. With Lee, I only needed 2. After that, I trusted her completely and agreed to become a part of her THRIVING new venture as a publisher for a premier, content marketing online magazine (Klusster).

Heroines in my Life Series: THRIVING in Happiness

Lee’s work grown exponentially beyond being a successful Happiness Coach and Energy Therapist over the past 10 years. Her belief is that “our personal power begins within and when we come from a place of positive self-worth and living in harmony …”.

She not only teaches the mantra that when people are happier and follow their passions, they ultimately lead to their success ...

  • She exudes it,
  • She wholeheartedly lives it out,
  • She provides this as a benefit to the women she coaches, as well as to her growing team of business owners/authors who write for her e-magazine, THRIVE Collaborative.

Lee, and her work, is rooted in happiness. Pulling from her academic background and personal experience of living through and beyond challenges, she helps others to discover the power of positive thinking and the impact that comes with the proficient use of positive words. Whether delivering her message of happiness through:

• Workshops,

• Speaking,

• Art classes,

• Authoring her own books and,

• Generating fresh content for THRIVE Collaborative,

Lee infuses her inspiration to help others through their life journey with more ease and success through each of the modalities she incorporates into her coaching, energy, and publishing work.

How Lee has made an impact on my life, becoming one of my Heroines, is through her mentoring and continual display of selflessness. She has a passion to help others to succeed, understanding that it is through helping others to be happy that we bring happiness into our own lives.

Lee Pryke on Happiness

Results that she has seen from her coaching and energy businesses has been the development of better coping tools, and happier and more fulfilled lives personally and professionally. I can attest to the more fulfilled professional life.

As a Publisher, Lee has transcended in her ability to showcase her happiness coaching philosophies. Her writing and thoughts on happiness and positive thinking are not isolated. Many write about, and incorporate, positive thinking and being happier.

Heroines in my Life Series: THRIVING in Happiness

What makes Lee’s presence different is how she braids her heart and personal experience into her work. Her vision is heart-driven and one whereby she “helps others raise their perception of self-love so that they excel on their life journey, with more ease and flow”.


Lee continually finds ways to inspire and empower others to bring happiness into their lives. She is currently working on a new, 8-week workshop using her new book/journal: My I Am Journal of the amazing, brave, courageous, Person I Am.

Inspirational Thoughts by Lee Pryke


Check out Lee’s portfolio of writing from happiness to business solutions to collaborating with others at Lee Pryke – Klusster Portfolio.


Heroines in my Life Series: THRIVING in Happiness

Check out Lee, her work, and her dedication to helping others to find happiness and THRIVE in their personal or professional lives.

"Lee Pryke engages her clients and readers with her heart based words and attitude towards life. It is through her persistence, sense of humor and great business sense that she has made her dream into a reality. Lee has shown herself to be an excellent marketer and is wonderful at creating connections with like minded people in the community. Lee created successful Wellness Shows in the area where others have not."     Linda Adsetts Go For The Joy (Facebook Page, Website)




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Danielle Joworski is a Life and Executive Coach helping devoted Corporate Moms realize and own their worth, creating a satisfying life:work balance by living a fulfilled life and having a successful career.  She is a 2017 Rhyze Award winner honoring women entrepreneurs, and a bestselling and award-winning Author of The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls. To learn more about Danielle, follow her on Facebook or download a complimentary gift from her website at www.daniellejoworski.com. #defineyoursuccess