3 Ways to Honor the Heroines in your Life

3 Ways to Honor the Heroines in your Life

Our successes are rarely ever achieved by ourselves. How do you honor the women that have made such a positive impact in your life?

If I look back at my life 18 months ago, the person I would see as myself would seem like a stranger.    In less than 2 years, I resigned from the corporate world, published an international, best-selling book and started up a thriving coaching business helping the women that I recognize as who I used to be:

  • Moms caught up in a life of serving others before serving themselves.
  • Women living without understanding their life purpose ... without passion or desire in their lives.
  • Moms shouting to the universe in frustration, "There MUST be more to life than this!"
  • Women aware of the impact of the stories they are telling themselves, and worried about how their stories are impacting our younger generation of girls.
3 Ways to Honor the Heroines in your Life


Even with a passion to help women re-ignite the spark inside themselves by seeing, feeling and BEING the Heroine that they are, that passion cannot bring to life a business by itself.  It took learning a lot.  Seriously, it has been a pretty steep learning curve.  From budgets, metrics, and analytical problem solving to Facebook Ads, website development and creative innovation.  Two diverse worlds.

My ability to not just survive in the entrepreneurial world, but THRIVE in it has been largely due to the phenomenal women I have surrounded myself with, and sought out.  Somehow these absolutely self-less and amazing women have become a part of my life, a part of me achieving my dreams.

With the magnitude of the impact these women have had on my life, how do I let them know how much I appreciate them?

3 Ways to Honor the Heroines in your Life


Are there women in your life that, without them, you would not have achieved a goal or dream you desired?
How do you show your appreciation for the hours spent talking on the phone, guidance, support, connecting you to the 'right people'?

Shedding money to show your appreciation is nice.  Believe me, being gifted a spa day in return for kindness is nice, but appreciation goes so much deeper than that.  To honor those that have provided the foundation and supports as you pursued what makes you happy in life can be done in 3 simple, but powerful actions.

Show Gratitude

How you show your gratitude may be different.  Weaving the people who have supported you into your results is a unique way of showing your gratitude for their help.  If you are writing a book, dedicating it to them or including them as a part of the preface, is an act without any significant cost but can last a lifetime.

In a digital age, going 'old-school' and handwriting (and mailing!) a card to them adds a personal touch and shows that you took the time to appreciate them.  Even if you cannot find the right words, searching for a quote that best explains your gratitude for them and writing that shows that you put thought into what you wanted to say.

Shout-outs on social media with a genuine message attached to it is another way to easily, but effectively, show your gratitude.

3 Ways to Honor the Heroines in your Life


Pay it Forward

You realize the impact that others have had on your success.  What if you were a catalyst for someone else's success?  Taking what you have learned and using it to help someone else to achieve their dreams is about more than just helping.  It is the transfer of knowledge and skill between people, but it is also the transfer of joy, selflessness and kindness.  Emotions and feelings that can motivate when obstacles are faced and fear stands to put a stop to the pursuit of a dream.

3 Ways to Honor the Heroines in your Life


Keep in Touch

Not everyone that helps you achieve your goals lives in the same city as you.  They may not be a friend or someone you would seek out to have a coffee date with.  That is okay.  Your dreams come from deep within you.  Not all connections will impact you at a deep level, but they reach well below the surface.  Keeping in touch are gentle reminders (from sending social media birthday wishes to commenting on posts) that someone else has been a connection that you respect and value.  How would you feel if someone you helped dropped you like a hot potato once they got what they needed from you (paid or unpaid)?  Remember, you never know when you may need that persons help again.  Building something from a dream is also about building relationships.

3 Ways to Honor the Heroines in your Life


I have been fortunate to have sought out and surrounded myself with so many brilliant women.  I never realized before, that there are so many people in the world who are willing to extend a helping hand if asked (and sometimes you don't even have to ask ... they just know you need help).  My entrepreneurial journey has not only taught me about "what" I need to do, but "how" people are really the keys to unlocking my own potential.

How am I honoring my own Heroines?

I am creating a NEW, dynamic series of articles in THRIVE eMagazine, dedicated to them as a sign of my gratitude.  To showcase how different women have been pivotal to my growth over the past 18 months as I continue to learn how to best help others as an entrepreneur.  To share the amazing women that I have in my life, how they helped me, and how they may be able to help you.

Being able to awaken women of all ages to the power of their stories is only possible because I have awakened myself to the power of my own stories.  My stories used to have me as an isolated, lonely character.  Now, they have me as the Heroine, heading into battles and adventures surrounded by other Heroines.

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3 Ways to Honor the Heroines in your Life

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3 Ways to Honor the Heroines in your Life