How to set up a new Smartphone

How to set up a new Smartphone

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When setting up smartphones on Android OS, it is recommended to perform some simple standard procedures for further convenient work with the device. Due to the fact that Android is an operating system open to developers, most mobile phones work on its basis. (Huawei phones prices in Harare) This openness allows manufacturers to change the interface / menu, place branded applications, and modify the placement of options and settings. At the same time, these menu adjustments by phone manufacturers are insignificant for perception, since the Android platform has the same key operating system settings, regardless of the brand.

First start-up of the device:

The solution to the problem called "How to set up a Smartphone" begins with the initial launch of the device. The so-called first start wizard will appear on the display, with which it is easy to carry out the initial start. Here the user is asked to select a language, connect to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet, set the time and date, and also determine the location of the device. It is required to complete all the requested items step by step.

How to customize your Smartphone screen:

Appearance customization and organization is a handy tool of Android OS. For the convenience of the owner, using the settings elements, you can customize your phone as you like. To adjust the brightness of the display, go to "Settings" - "Screen" - "Brightness", turn off "Auto brightness" and use the slider to set it at a level that is comfortable for the eyes. 100% screen backlighting is not always comfortable for users and consumes a lot of energy.

To change the wallpaper, do the following: "Settings" - "Wallpaper" or "Gallery", and there select any image in the device's memory. If auto-rotate annoys in the settings, select "Screen" and uncheck the "Auto-rotate screen" item. As for the sleep mode, the owner of the device decides how long the Smartphone screen should go out: to do this, select the "Lock screen" in the settings, where in the "Screen off" item we set the required time after which the display will automatically dim. Small print inconvenient? Again, go to "Settings" - "Font size" and select the one that is most preferable for vision.

A distinctive feature of smartphones based on Android OS, including the High screen brand Are widgets. These extremely useful graphic modules allow you to keep all important and relevant information in front of your eyes and act as entry points to applications: time, weather, notes, shopping lists, reminders, letters, photos, etc.

Setting up sounds:

The classic option for setting the ringtone is "Settings" - "Sound" - "Incoming call" - "Ringtone", similar variations are possible depending on the Smartphone model in question. The user's attention will open a list of standard sounds, as well as the "Browse" button or select parameters, clicking on which opens a list of sources where other audio files can be stored, for example "Music". Similarly, calls are set for notifications, incoming and delivered SMS. (Tecno phones prices in Zimbabwe) By default, smartphones include sounds for dialing a phone number, pressing the display, blocking it, vibrating the keys. To enable / disable the sound accompaniment of this or that function, you also need to go to "Settings" - "Sound" and make the necessary adjustments.


No full discharge / charge cycles of a new battery are required in modern devices, it is enough just to prevent overcharging or full discharge during use, which will extend the battery life. To save battery power, you can turn on the power-saving mode or use manual settings. To implement the first option, go to "Settings" - "Advanced" - "Battery", in the list presented, click the item "Power saving mode" and drag the slider to the "On" position. In the second case, we make independent settings and actions - turn off auto-update of applications, set the backlight to the minimum comfortable level, control and close not used, but running programs, etc.

Create a Google account:

It is important to understand that the creator of the Android system is Google Corporation, which means that all services work exclusively through this system. Google account is a necessary thing, it is after logging into the created or existing account that you will be able to access the Google Play Market, synchronize data, download programs, configure remote access to the device, use Gmail mail, Google Drive for storing files, etc. The account remains tied to its user forever, unless you change it yourself, so it is very important not to forget your username and password, but rather write it down. To create an account, you need to select "Accounts" - "Add account" - "Google" in the Smartphone settings and then enter your data (mailing address and login), or just go to the search engine and create a mailbox.


Private access to a personal phone is a necessary and incredibly useful thing. Immediately after the purchase, it is recommended to set a password to enter the Smartphone menu, which will protect the owner from receiving the information stored in the device by unauthorized persons both in everyday life and in the event of a loss of the gadget. It should be borne in mind that if you forget your password, the system will ask for your Google account login / password in order to recover it. Therefore, as mentioned above, it is important not to lose access to your Google account.

Installing applications from Google Play:

Google Play Market is the official Google application store, which is simply necessary for all consumers, because such free popular programs as WhatsApp, Telegram, Sberanka mobile application and much more are located there. (Samsung phones prices in Zimbabwe) And, in order to download any program, you need to go to the Play Market (if this happens for the first time, a window will appear at startup where you need to agree to the terms of use of the service by clicking "Accept"), select the "Applications" section or type the name in the search bar the required program, then click "Install", and after installation "Open". The application will automatically install a shortcut on the desktop and then you can use it.