Trust in your Imagination

Trust in your Imagination

Do you believe that a person can envision the past, present or future events just by asking their own imagination to tell a story?

Envision your past, present or future events by asking your own imagination to tell a story.

There is an influx of data floating around us constantly, a stream of information carried through wave particles and sound vibration better known as energy! The pineal gland also known as your minds eye or third eye, is the receiver and conductor of the transmission floating in the cosmic field.

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Is it possible to develop the ability to understand these transmissions?

Many people ask if it's possible to train ourselves to get more accurate, detailed information. In my experience, there are no short cuts to developing your psychic ability, but on the flip side there are no limitations either!

You get out of it; what you put into it, like anything you have a passion for.


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Daily meditation is the first key to successfully taping into your awareness! Practice everyday and you will get better every time you do it! Try this:

"Just for a minute believe that you are in communication with a loved one that has passed on. You have opened a channel or dialogue with someone no longer in the physical body. Honor the conversation even if you think it's all coming from you and your own thoughts. It will change over time. You want this process to be gentle, so be patient and keep the channel open, understand spirit is subtle, soft and quite sometimes." This is where meditation comes in very handy.

Some question I am often asked:

  • Is it possible to transfer energy from one person to another?
  • Or transfer thoughts from one person to another?
  • Can we get an imprint or story of that persons dreams, wishes, fears and challenges?

I believe we can!

Do you ever get the feeling that when you are thinking about someone, they are thinking about you at the same time? I believe frequencies are picked up, not necessarily the art of reading someones mind! You could call it an energy transfer from one person to the next!

Don't worry I haven't met to many mind readers! I will write more about this in the near future!

Let's talk about opening our awareness in regards to our energy frequency and the energy around us. How the energy is communicating with us on a quantum level. It is your imagination that will tell you the way! Open your body, mind and soul to see the power of psychic intuition. We are seekers! We are creators and we are spiritual beings with unlimited energy connected to source. Don't you think NOW is good time to explore these ideas and tap in like never before?

The answer to psychic abilities is you!

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