Easy PPC, Lemon Squeezy

Easy PPC, Lemon Squeezy

If you find yourself becoming easily overwhelmed by the numerous ways available to help you track and dissect how effective your Google AdWords PPC (Pay Per Click) is, these 5 methods to quantify your PPC success rates will make this once tedious task a walk in the park.

There is an abundance of different methods to help you ensure that the ads playing on your landing page are appropriate to your customers. If you find yourself under a time crunch and cannot analyze your entire digital marketing strategy, you can get a good birds-eye view of your PPC performance by following these 5 methods to measure your success.

Quality Score:

This measures how effective your keywords are to make sure that people searching to see appropriate ads and have a good overall experience.

Click- Through Rate (CTR)

This is key in figuring out your quality scores and it lets you know whether your ads are applicable to searchers. Low CTR is an indication that your PPC specifics need work.

Conversion Rate

This tells you how many people are actually staying put on your landing page to finish what they started. CTR and traffic are all well and good, but if that isn’t translating to action what’s the point? High conversion rates = a return on your investment.

Cost Per Conversion

Simply put, if you are paying more to get a new customer than they are worth in terms of business then your PPC strategy is a flop.

Wasted Spend

This figures out how much money you’re losing by paying for clicks that don’t end in a customer action. Avoid this by effectively using negative keywords to filter pointless traffic. By using negative keywords you are stopping ads from appearing for those who are obviously not looking for what you are selling.

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