Best Online Program in creativity and Problem Solving in Bangalore - Dalham Lear

Best Online Program in creativity and Problem Solving in Bangalore - Dalham Lear

To create the perfect synergy of multiple disciplines of study into one curriculum, Dalham Learning seeks to help students push the envelope of creativity.

Creativity and Problem solving skills are essential in the 21st century. With the rapid changes in technology, knowledge and skills that we need to know to survive changes very quickly.

DALHAM Learning provides the Certificate in Creativity and Problem Solving is one-year programme which will help people use their creativity to solve problems. This certificate will focus on developing 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving and cognitive flexibility among others. It will also equip people with practical skills of 21st century job markets such as entrepreneurship, product management etc.

The DALHAM coursework is designed to mould learners into dynamic, independent thinkers with an inter-disciplinary knowledge base. Our pedagogy nurtures curious minds to become contributing, responsible members of modern society. DALHAM Learning’s Integrated Liberal Education Programme will help students develop new-age skills and a holistic understanding of education. The programme’s emphasis on interdisciplinary learning enables students to find success and take on the challenges of a 21st century workplace.

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