Can Data Science Be Used In Agriculture?

Can Data Science Be Used In Agriculture?

Data Science can be effectively used in all the fields, here you will come to know how Data science is used in Agriculture.

Indian agriculture is the second-largest in the world, and in India, more than 50% of employment is based on agriculture. India has the largest net cropped area. Although it has large demography, the economical contribution of Agriculture to the GDP is too low compared to other countries.

Indeed, data science provides awareness and valuable suggestions to the farmers about what variety to plant, when to plant, where to plant, and what type of practices they should follow. This will improve productivity and will bring more profit to the Farmers.

Digitizing Now:

This century is digitalized were over 1 Billion people are using smartphones. The connectivity between cities, towns, and villages has increased. They are sharing a large number of resources and Data. This is when data science can enter into agriculture and become a big contributor to GDP.

What do farmers Lack:

Customers are aware of what they eat nowadays; they want to know how and when the food is cropped and cultivated. However, the farmers lag in knowing the buying behavior of the customers, the pattern in which they should crop the plant, and customer credit behavior.

How is data science impacting the agriculture industry?

Marketplace models

It uses the Farmers' data and provides a platform for the customers to know about the farmers and also facilitates farming strategies for the farmers.

Pre-harvest and Post-harvest

It uses past data and provides customers advice on farming and financial services such as loans and insurance.

Smart farming provides agriculture advancement in technology by using big data, the cloud, and the Internet of things for monitoring, tracking, automating, and analyzing operations.

In the post-harvesting stage, it controls the wastage and uses sorting technology to group the items.

Processing the Crops

At this stage, a production plan is made, and it will set a standard at which the crops should be treated. Procurement standards include the acquisition of goods and processing of a product in accordance with the procedures and requirements.

Distribution and consumption

Data science designs pricing models to know the customer's buying behavior predicts the targeted marketplace and fixes the price of our product accordingly. Finally, it tracks the eating habits of the customer and has a track of their nutritional habits.


Data Science can make a big difference in Agriculture by using the data. If this process is followed by most of the farmers, our Indian agriculture will reach its peak. Moreover, its contribution to the Indian economy will increase. Data science is playing a major role in many fields, and the number of data scientists is rising. The best part is anyone can learn data science and level up their skills and productivity. Enroll in the leading data science course in Dubai, become IBM certified, and land your dream data science job in prominent firms.