Top five Summer Activities on a Budget

Top five Summer Activities on a Budget

Summer activities can be available for everyone no matter what the budget is. Getting outdoors with friends and family are the most important.

It’s that time of year, getting ready for summer and you’re looking to keep the kids occupied on a budget and have some great family fun. There’s no need to pay big ticket prices to hit an adventure park or attraction. As a Licensed Investment Trustee, at D. Thode & Associates Inc.,  I understand the importance of working within your budget.

There are many budget friendly ways to enjoy the summer, and here are a few I love to do.

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Summer Picnics


Packing a picnic and hitting the beach, lake or spray park is an economical way to beat the heat, enjoy some family time and create memories.

Take a Hike!

Now is a great time to explore local hiking trails in your area. Don’t forget to pack lots of water, snacks, sunscreen and perhaps a bathing suit should there be a lake or creek at the end of the trail.

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My community just hosted the largest food truck festival in Canada and hosts many community oriented events throughout the summer. These events are family friendly, free to attend and tons of fun. You can go with a budget in mind and pack snacks and water to reduce the costs. Enjoy!

Backyard Parties

A potluck with friends and/or family is always a great budget conscious way to socialize and have fun.

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Road Trip

Road Trip!

One of my favourite summer pastimes is to choose a destination within a couple of hours of home and go explore for the day. Again, pack snacks and drinks for the ride and enjoy the scenery, maybe a waterfall or two and explore a different part of your Province or City.

Shelley Koehli is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee with D. Thode & Associates based in North Vancouver, British Columbia

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