How Much Should Penetration Testing Service Cost?

How Much Should Penetration Testing Service Cost?

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When it comes to penetration testing service cost, you would want to know the exact dollar amount needed to perform a pen test. But, you need to understand what penetration testing budgeting is and consider various types of pen tests available.

This way, you can determine the pen-testing budget and make an informed decision. Well, the cost depends on various factors that include the following:

1. Size and Complexity

The penetration testing cost will depend on the size of the organization and the complexity of the systems that will be tested. All this helps you determine the requirements of your business and what is in the scope.

The crucial components to be considered include the total number of IPs and the number of web applications that require pen-testing. It could take weeks or months to carry out the test properly. So the more time the pen testing will dedicate, the higher the cost will be.

We can say that one size doesn’t fit all. Instead, the cost may vary for a small startup it could be between $4,000 and $25,000. On the other hand, the cost for a large company may range from $30,000 to $100,000.

2. Approach

When professionals approach penetration testing, there are many ways they can do it. Some go for automatic vulnerability scanning while some go for manually intensive techniques to search for entry points.

The entire focus is to look for places to remediate. Both the approaches are different that helps a company to understand the risk and prioritize the ways to fix it.

The important thing to consider is the time and resources spent in the process as they will likely affect the penetration testing budget.

3. Methodology

The methodology is a crucial aspect to ensure the right implementation of penetration testing according to the global standards and industry framework. It largely depends on the tools and techniques that the hacker uses that may increase the penetration testing service cost.

However, using expensive tools and slow methodology, you can expect a high-quality result. We would recommend you to have a thorough examination of the network infrastructure and applications the first time you carry out a pen test.

Here are a few common areas that you must focus on when you consider a penetration test:

  • Network securityDatabase security
  • Database securityConfiguration and identity management
  • Configuration and identity managementPassword vulnerabilities
  • Password vulnerabilities
  • Check for authentication issues
  • Vulnerable components
  • Check for injection vulnerabilities
  • Cross site scripting attacksSession handling
  • Session handling
  • Client side protection

4. Type of Testing

Your penetration testing budget would also depend on the services you choose and the type of test needed while considering the reason. We have already discussed when you can conduct penetration testing.

All you need to do is to focus on the priority before you decide the type of testing to be carried out which will determine the further costing.

5. Scope

Another crucial thing to consider while determining the penetration testing budget is the scope. Here the company’s environment plays a huge role that gives you a clear idea of its infrastructural needs and wants.

This way, you can get accurate pricing. The penetration testing professionals will figure out different elements during the scoping process.

The elements include:

  • Company environment
  • Some peculiar aspects of the company
  • End goal of pen testingIdentify existing issues and essential apps
  • Identify existing issues and essential apps
  • Define priorities

6. Experience

When you determine the penetration testing service cost, the experience of the agency or the professional you choose also matters the most. If you choose a professional with more experience, it tends to increase the cost of the service.

Think about the reason you are carrying out the pen test. It will help you choose the right agency or professional as you would know the level of experience needed for each type of test.

However, if you have a small business with a simple network system, consider going for affordable services. A professional with a handful of experience can also handle and manage penetration testing well in a simple environment with less complexity.

7. External/Internal Testing

When it comes to network security tests, a majority of penetration testing is done offsite. If you require an onsite test or an internal test, the cost of penetration testing is likely to increase.

Moreover, when you employ a company from some other region, you can expect an increase in cost due to travelling and lodging costs.

So, above are the factors that you must consider before you determine the penetration testing budget. We would recommend you choose pen testing professionals with whom you can communicate and discuss the actionable remediation.

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