Mindfulness Movement and Meditation

Mindfulness Movement and Meditation

A class for Post Concussion Syndrome, Chronic Pain or Fibromyalgia

Currently being taught on Tuesdays at 11:00 am at Creative Therapy Health Services located at 136 Moore Ave. South  Unit D

This class is a combination of the following:

• Gentle range of motion exercises to release chronically tight muscles

• Connecting breath with movement

• Building body awareness

• Developing a relaxation practice

Mindfulness Movement and Meditation

During this class, we will also review helpful hints to manage your daily activities and ideas around improving sleep. Participants report that they can often take the relaxation and other lessons learned in the class and put them into practice in their everyday lives.

This class is taught by Sheri Martin Soosaar, Occupational Therapist. The class sizes are kept small to allow the class to be designed to accommodate each individual’s needs. Please provide us with a list of your injuries, diseases and symptoms so that the class can be designed to meet your needs.

To get the most benefit out of this class it is recommended that you sign up for a 10 week block. This block can begin at any time. The cost is $25 per class or $200 for a 10 week block.

Please contact Sheri at sheri@creativeot.com or 519 -954-5026 to register for this class.

Mindfulness Movement and Meditation