Why prefer SDS over Non-SDS: Understand It.

Why prefer SDS over Non-SDS: Understand It.

If you don't know about why prefer SDS over non-SDS visa, then here you will know about it.

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If students want to study in Canada, they must understand the differences between SDS and Non-SDS visa applications. Students now have easier access to study in Canada thanks to the SDS visa. Some students, however, take longer since they are unfamiliar with the differences between SDS and Non-SDS visa applications. You've come to the proper site if you want to learn everything there is to know about the SDS and non-SDS visa success rates and differences.

SDS visa- The Student Direct Stream (SDS) visa allows students from select countries, such as India, China, and Peru, to enter Canada quickly to study. SDS IELTS standards must be met before a student may apply for an SDS visa.

If all other conditions are met, the application will be processed in 20 calendar days. The student can enrol in any designated learning institutions (DLIs) and begin their journey once they have been accepted.

Non-SDS visa- The Non-SDS is a broad procedure via which visa applications for study, employment, and immigration in Canada are accepted. It is open to all nations. Non-SDS visa applicants must meet the requirements. Students who do not fulfil the SDS visa criteria can apply here as an alternative to studying in Canada.

Why prefer SDS over Non-SDS?

Which visa is better: SDS or Non-SDS? By now, you've probably worked out that SDS is preferable to non-SDS visas, and we'll go over a few of the benefits of SDS over non-SDS visas below.

Less Processing Time- When compared to other visa applications to Canada, SDS visas are processed in just 20 days, saving you a significant amount of time.

Less Documentation- Because GIC is required and covers the majority of the information the officer seeks, the applicant's burden is reduced.

Apply online- SDS visas are only available to students who apply online. Canada exclusively accepts online applications to make the procedure paperless and fast. It eliminates the possibility of documents going missing from time to time.

Ensures Financial Stability- To be eligible for SDS, the candidate must have $10,000 CAD in cash on hand to cover daily expenditures while in Canada. In the end, it allows the person to survive financially in any situation.

Higher Success Rate- When it comes to the success rates of SDS and Non-SDS visas, SDS comes out on top. Because Canada gets millions of applications each year, SDS candidates have a conversion rate of 75-85 percent, which is greater than other visa categories.

Access to More Institutions- DLIs cover all colleges and universities that meet international criteria, allowing students direct access to those institutions and the pursuit of the degree that best suits them.


From the above discussion, now you know the advantages of SDS over non-SDS visas. If you plan to go to Canada, then go for an SDS visa instead of a non-SDS.