10 Mistakes You May Be Making When Buying Domain Names

10 Mistakes You May Be Making When Buying Domain Names

While choosing and buying a good domain name you must try to buy a .com domain, also keep in mind that your domain name focus type of your business and brand.

The virtual world of internet has taken over the actual business, and a web presence is as important as anything else. That is why many small, medium and large firms are developing its website to let their customer reach them instantly. As much as your site is important, the domain name is most essential part of your site. Not only the domain name will become the identification of your brand and website, but also it helps the customers and users to reach you by typing it. Therefore selecting the right domain is the very critical and important part of developing a website.

There are some common mistakes which are seen widely while choosing the domain name and cause significant damage to your business too. Some of these errors are listed below:

1. Not selecting a .com domain:

There are many domains extensions which are introduced to the domain name over the year such as .biz, .org.cc, .pro, .me, .tv, etc. but the users on the internet are programmed to use the .com with domains because of using it ver the years. It is also observed that the domains with a .com, in the end, are more visited and typed as users on the internet are used to type .com at the end of the domain. Therefore .com at the end of the domain will help your domain name to produce better visits and visibility.

It is a common mistake not to choose a domain name having .com at the end, it is more difficult for the users to remember your domain name and type it. It will also make your life difficult when any other business will register your domain name with .com and many current and future users will end up opening and using different site with similar domain name but different extension.

2. Not checking availability of domain name you like:

Specially in starting an online business people don’t check the availability of the domain name, instead they select one and sometimes even get it printed on the business plans as well as the other print medias and marketing campaigns. Even it is very straightforward and easy to check the availably of the domain name you like, but usually it is a common mistake done by buying and selecting the domain name. one must always check the availably of the domain name they are thinking of and for that make a list of potential domain names, check it online for availability and short list those names which are available.

3. Not choosing the best name:

Another common mistake is not choosing the domain name wisely. Instead, the users randomly select the name which is okay or good enough for them. Domain names are as important as any business name or brand name. Therefore, intense study and research must be done before selecting any domain name, and one must choose only the best one for their business.

4. Choosing a domain name which is similar to others:

Sometimes not detail research is done while selecting and buying the domain name and people end up finalizing the domain name which is similar to another website. When this mistake happens, many of your potential users might end up in opening another site. While selecting the domain name, when it is said that this domain name is taken, open it in other tab and have a look what is that website all about. Rather shuffling the words and buying the domain name which might be similar to any other popular site you must try to create something different and unique.

5. Not pursuing your desired taken domain name:

Many times it happens that the domain name we like for your business or website is taken. It is very sad when the domain name is decided with lots of research and keyword analysis and when you type to know its availability; it is already taken by someone else way before you. It is a common mistake that not trying to pursue your desired domain name when it is already taken. Sometimes the domain name owner might like to sell its domain at a reasonable rate. Therefore before opting for next option, one must ask for the domain name selling from the contacts or email address available on the website.

6. Selecting small names over big ones:

It is not necessary to choose the short domain names; you can also go for the options which have big names for the domain. If it is fulfilling your criteria, then you must follow the big domain names too and one of the mistakes while buying a domain name is seen that the people prefer the small names and end up getting less attention of users. Some big domain names also have proven to be more attractive than the small name ones.

7. Not checking for the official Trademarks:

While selecting and buying the domain names, you must also consider the trademark factor and the legal damages you can face in case of choosing one. There are many official trademarks which are registered, and in case anyone uses it, they can be sued and have to face legal consequences after that therefore always check for the trademarks before buying a domain name.

8. The difference in the business name and domain name:

It is a common mistake which happens when the owner selects the company name and the domain name related to it already taken; therefore one must choose and finalize the business name after checking the available same domain name and buying it. This way the visitors will not be confused, and the users tend to remember the business and domain as well.

9. Selecting domain name which does not go with your business, niche, and company:

Sometimes the domain name doesn't represent the actual concept of your business, company, field, and niche and it fails to connect your real presence with your virtual representation. Therefore keep all the factors in mind and select the suitable domain name.

10. Poor or no keyword research:

It is important to research the keywords and use it in the domain name as it will help the better outcomes of your company, business, and its online presence.


While choosing and buying a good domain name you must try to buy a .com domain, also keep in mind that your domain name focus type of your business and brand, as well as short and easy. Lengthy, tricking, similar to other domain names and complicated domains are not only hard to remember but also many times users end up opening an entirely new website. Therefore before finalizing one name, try to research about the keywords, focus on what is your site all about and the suitable name according to your brand and company.

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