Things Everyone Should Know About Stairlift

Things Everyone Should Know About Stairlift

If you have a Stairlift, it can help you easily and quickly go up and down the stairs in your home.

When older person in the family can not climb stairs without any effort, you should choose a stairlift. For those who are not able to climb stairs, a stairlift is the best option for them. However, there are different types of stairlifts in the market. Before you invest in any stairlift, you should know which type of stairlift is best for you. Here in this blog, we will guide you about the stairlift.

As you think stairlifts are not modern

When we think about a stairlift, we imagine it could be new and stylish. Many people will be surprised to know that the first stairlift was invented in 1920. The invention of Crispen is a prototype of the stairlift that we know today. These types of stairlifts consist of foldable chairs. However, these chair move along the track fitted to the stairs. This system of stairs is 90+ years old, now this stair has revolutionized millions of people's homes.

In the 15000s, Henry VIII had a stairlift

The stairlifts were found in the 15000s during the time of the Tudor era. There was a man-operated stairlift in the Whitehall palace of Henry VIII to help him up and down the stairs. His name was recorded first in the use of the stairlift. He starts using a lift due to a notorious jousting injury at age of 45.

Mobility of user

The purchase of a stairlift depends upon the condition of the user. However, the user can be disabled or an elder. You should know about the mobility status of your loved ones before your purchase the stair lift. When you invest in a product that is useful for a disabled person, it will be a wiser decision.


Other things to consider are how much you are willing to spend and how much the stairlift for the elderly costs. If there is no restriction for budget, you can go for a curved and straight model with a number of features. If your budget is limited, you can consider buying a remodeled set and choose to rent options. These options of renting and remolded furniture are going to be more affordable than moving to a new house.

Capacity to weight and size

The other thing you should consider is what weight it can carry and the size of the seat. Due to disability, the weight of older people can be more. So, it is necessary to consider their weight before purchasing a stairlift.

Installation of stairlifts

Installation of stairlifts is very challenging. For the installation of stairlifts, a professional is required. Otherwise, there can be the dangerous result. However, this technology is breakable at some point. Thus, you should ensure that your chosen company provides timely installation and servicing.

Final words

These are the things you should know about the stair lift. The stair lift is an old concept that is revolutionized these days. It provides comfort to disabled people and older ones. However, if you have someone at home who cannot climb stairs, you can choose Straight Stairlifts or curved stairlifts according to their preference. Cork stairlifts can provide you with the best stairlift for your loved ones.