Some Ways Straight Stairlifts Can Help You Live to 100

Some Ways Straight Stairlifts Can Help You Live to 100

At a low cost, a stairlift eliminates the main injury risk in the home of your elderly parent, providing everyone with peace of mind.

You might have grown up in a cozy split-level home. Alternatively, it may be the townhouse your parents moved into after the kids left the nest. In either case, there are stairs here.

You've seen recently how difficult they may be for your aging parents. You're now wondering how long they can stay there without risk. A Straight Stairlift is a solution that is gaining popularity. It is simple and inexpensive to install. It is discrete. But most crucially, it makes climbing stairs much safer and easy for older persons.

Here are five little-known ways a stairlift can make it safe, simple, and affordable for you to provide elder care at home.

Actively engage your parents

Hear me out, even if you find the thought of a stair lift truly assisting your parents in staying active amusing. Your parents will actually be freer to wander throughout the house instead of avoiding the stairs and being restricted to one or two rooms. They can utilize the stair lift to do more of the daily tasks rather than waiting for a caregiver (presumably you or your sister) to handle the "difficult things," for example, if the laundry is located downstairs. Additionally, it will be much simpler to get outside and exercise. Isn't that what we all desire as well?

Aids parents in safely performing chores

The things that our customers perform with their stair glides always take us by surprise. One client uses it to transfer her plants from one level to another. Another client uses it to carry food plates up and down stairs for his bedridden husband. Another person moves her groceries from the front door's landing to the upstairs kitchen.

With a stairlift, the possibilities are virtually limitless. While we don't recommend moving furniture this way, a stairlift can make transferring anything you'd otherwise have to carry up the stairs simpler and safer.

Lowers the danger of a deadly fall

When we were young children, our parents installed a baby gate over the staircase for a reason. Steps can be fatal. One of the key elements causing falls as we become older is a diminished sense of depth, particularly in dim lighting. When movement issues, such as arthritis, are present, climbing stairs can be downright terrifying.

This possible trap is avoided by a modern curved or straight stairlift, allowing parents to rest easy knowing their subsequent trip to the bedroom won't land them in the hospital.

Saves money

Let's face it, the cost of making our parents' homes more accessible starts to matter as they become older. Modifications might be very expensive for a house to fit bigger doors, lower worktops, or a curbless shower. But one of the least expensive things you can do to make your parents' house safer and simpler to navigate is to invest in a custom stair lift. No significant changes are needed because stairlifts bolt to the floor or stairs rail. Just keep in mind how much an assisted living facility might run you, and you'll realise this is definitely a deal.

Makes you and your parents happier

Dignity, individuality, and freedom. As teenagers, these are the things that are most important to us. Is it shocking that our parents desire the same things in retirement? Even if stairs can be difficult, most individuals prefer to remain in the places they adore. So how do you make it function? Start by reducing the risk of the home's main danger, the stairs. A stairlift is an affordable solution to navigate stairs and keep your parents' freedom. Everyone benefits.


People with mobility impairments can easily move around the house using Straight Stairlifts without worrying about sliding or falling. There is significantly less risk of damage while using a wheelchair stair lift because You can enter the wheelchair without getting out.