Why train for birth? Birth Like A Boss

Why train for birth? Birth Like A Boss

Because labour is probably the most demanding event, you will ever do!

If you were going to run a marathon, would you train for it?

If you wanted to complete a triathlon, would you train for it?

YES – of course you would.

A trained body performs better especially if you have trained with the principle of specificity. This principle states thar you should train using movements and exercises that mimic the event you are training for.

Birth is your event!

Welcome to the 28-Day Birth Like a Boss Challenge – A Daily Workout for 4 Weeks in the Buff Muff App, available for iPhone and Android users

Your baby and body will thank you for choosing to build your best birthing body!

I designed this program to be easy to follow and fit into your day. You will learn about adaptations of pregnancy and what you can do to support and train your body.

I pay a LOT of attention to the Core – your pelvic floor and abdominal wall because they are 2 parts of the body that face the most significant change and deserve specific preparation and care.

Kegels are covered because they are an essential part of pelvic floor fitness, but Kegels are so much more than just squeezing your vagina over and over, and in pregnancy you need to spend more time focusing on the relaxation part of a Kegel because you need to know how to relax your muscles when it is time to give birth. Kegels, when coupled with your breath (Core Breath) and movement, transform your pelvic floor and your entire core and get you ready for the big day.

Vagina Coach, Kim Vopni Core Confidence

When you have a fit and functional pelvic floor in pregnancy the benefits are many1 the common chest and pains of pregnancy will be less likely to be a problem and your recovery will be smoother.

Your body will be strong and supple and ready to bring your baby into the world. Your confidence will soar and your body will be ready not only for birth but for motherhood as well.

The Buff Muff App will support you through pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and your return to fitness. Enjoy the Birth Like A Boss Challenge, the Core Confidence Exercise Program for your recovery and all of the Buff Muff content for your ongoing pelvic health.

If the Challenge is all you want, simply join for one month and then cancel. No strings attached (but I think you will want to stay because it is full of info and exercise to support your ongoing pelvic health!)

Vagina Coach, Kim Vopni