Tight Hamstrings can Contribute to Incontinence & Prolapse

Tight Hamstrings can Contribute to Incontinence & Prolapse

Do you suffer from pelvic pain, diastases recti or pelvic organ prolapse? Tight hamstrings and hip flexors can cause pelvic floor pain and tension.

We have become a sitting society. Working from home or office, sitting for long hours may affect our posture which in turn trickles down through our pelvic floor, lower back, and legs.

Now that the world is moving again, we are out and about more, taking vacations, visiting family and friends we haven’t seen for awhile that require travelling a distance and we find ourselves sitting for long periods of time, travelling in a car, or waiting at the airport for planes or lost luggage, and this may have an impact on our posture and pelvic floor function.

When your hamstrings are tight it can contribute to the pelvis being held in a more posterior position...which can interfere with optimal pelvic floor function. They will pull on your pelvis, and not allow your hips to move the way they should and this can result with a lot of pain in your back.

Kim Vopni, Vagina Coach

Stretching and lengthening the hamstrings can help with the back pain and can also help reduce or eliminate pelvic floor symptoms associated with prolapse or incontinence.

Incontinence is any unwanted loss of urine at any time and any amount. When we sit on the toilet, our pelvic floor muscles should relax, and our bladder should contract to empty. The stream should be steady for about 10 to 15 seconds with a truly full bladder. Anything less than that, it's probably not full or it's not emptying properly. About Incontinence

Here are a few stretches to help lengthen the hamstrings. AS we mentioned above, when we have tight hamstrings, they can pull our pelvis posteriorly. The position itself is not bad, but when that is the position that our pelvis lives in, it can negatively influence our pelvic floor function.

Tight Hamstrings Can Contribute to Incontinence & Prolapse

Stretches by Kim Vopni

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Vagina Coach, Kim Vopni