You deserve body confidence and it all starts with the pelvic floor

You deserve body confidence and it all starts with the pelvic floor

Incontinence, chronic back pain, and organ prolapse are common challenges for women but not something you need to live with or accept as normal.

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The Magic Takes Place in The Buff Muff App

The app is free to download and includes some essential education as well as a 7-day pelvic floor exercise challenge to introduce you to the concept of a whole-body fitness approach to pelvic health. Once the free challenge ends you have the option to join the membership for ongoing support from me, your very own vagina coach as well as interviews with world class guest experts and so much more!

The Buff Muff App will teach you how to activate your pelvic floor appropriately and then add it to movement. The workouts are easy and effective and incorporate the whole. You may even be able to give up your gym membership or if you want to keep it, learn new ways to workout that will serve your pelvic health.

This app (iPhone or Android) will change the way you workout for the better and set you on the path of habitual pelvic floor fitness.

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You will see a reduction or elimination of leaks, a reduction or elimination of back pain, and those feelings of things ‘just not being right down there’ will ease.

It's like Pelvic Floor Preventive Medicine!

The app is also for women who have NO SYMPTOMS and are looking to be proactive about their pelvic health so that they never get the common symptoms many women struggle with like Incontinence, chronic back pain, and organ prolapse.

Trusted by Physiotherapists

"Regular ongoing pelvic floor muscle strengthening is an important part of reducing incontinence and can support concerns of pelvic organ support. This program is a lovely adjunct to pelvic health physiotherapy as it gives clients daily pelvic health exercises integrated with progressive functional movement strategies. This has been a great addition to care for early functional integration of pelvic floor muscle control. A lot of energy and depth of knowledge has gone into building this program to support people to access resources from the comfort and safety of their home." Jodie Pulsifer, Full Circle Physiotherapy

"Kim's programs and app for strengthening your pelvic floor are an excellent investment. She has created a resource that is evidence-based, safe, and easy to understand. Short videos demonstrate and explain the exercises in workouts that range from beginner or easy to more difficult. This allows for progressively more challenge to the muscles, a necessary feature for building better muscles. It comes with a vast collection of interviews and lectures with leading women’s health practitioners and thought leaders to enhance understanding of your body. If you are looking to cure your incontinence or support your pelvic organ prolapse from the privacy and convenience of your own home that you can feel confident is safe and effective, this is the program." Gillian McCormick, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and Health Educator/Speaker

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Core Confidence Network, bladder leaks, bladder leakage

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