Up Close and Personal with Local Businesses

Up Close and Personal with Local Businesses

Featuring Dr. Holman Yu, Dentist at Dentistry In Waterloo

Dr. Holman Yu was born in Toronto in 1976. He was in a gifted program called Program for Academic and Creative Extension (PACE); part of the York Region District School Board programs and services. This program gave him the opportunity to learn and experience a curriculum that went beyond what the regular school program offered; giving him a chance to be more involved in creative problem solving; develop his critical higher level thinking skills, and engage in interdisciplinary units of study. This program nurtured his drive to learn and discover.

Dr. Holman Yu with grandfather

Dr. Holman Yu with Grandfather

As a young child he was very curious; to the detriment of his grandfather’s toaster, which he decided to take apart to figure out how it worked. He did somehow manage to put it back together. But needless to say, that toaster was “toast” afterwards. Many more such endeavours ensued throughout the course of his youth, which contributed to the development of his creative mind.

When he was a kid, he had an unusually strong sense of responsibility. His parents never had to force him to do homework or study. He loved learning, and knew that the quicker he finished his work, the quicker he could go play. It was his work ethics that propelled him to where he is at now.

Top row: Father, younger brother.  Bottom row: Grandpa, Dr. Yu, Grandma

Top row: Father, younger brother. Bottom row: Grandpa, Dr. Yu, Grandma

He was part of the honour roll throughout all of his high school years, and later attended the University of Toronto and received a Bachelor of Science with distinction.

Dr. Yu loves art and is quite artistic himself. What attracted him to dentistry was the artistry involved with it. The sculpting and beautifying aspect of it was very interesting to him. That was how he decided dentistry was right for him.

He graduated from the University of Connecticut dental school and practiced in the United States for 5 years before coming back to Canada in 2008, to be closer to his family. Dr. Yu has received multiple awards including the Pierre Fouchard Award – future leader in the community and a community service award from the University of Connecticut. While in dental school he was very involved in extracurricular activities. These included working with the Connecticut Dental Student Association, taking on vice presidency of ASDA (American Student Dental Association), becoming National Consultant on Diversity for the ADA (American Dental Association), and the chief editor of the University of Connecticut Dental Journal.

For Dr. Yu, dentistry is based on science; but artistry and heart brings it to life. Since he began practicing dentistry, Dr. Yu has kept up to date on many continuing educational classes, ensuring that his patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced dental care. Certifications on implants, Invisalign, nitrous oxide, and CEREC, give patients a wider variety of treatment plan choices. It brings him great satisfaction to be able to brighten someone’s smile through his work

Dr. Holman Yu and his team

Dr. Holman Yu and his team

At Dentistry in Waterloo, Dr. Yu and his team are constantly thriving to go above and beyond their patients’ needs and expectations. Their main focus is on preventative care. If fear of the dentist is what plagues you, please take a minute to read this article. If you do not yet have a dentist, for all of your oral healthcare needs, please contact them at 519-885-5880 or visit them at www.dentistryinwaterloo.com to find out how they can help.